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Box of Kittens - Mike Gibbs, Jamie Kidd, Fabio Palermo, and the one like Hali!

Temper Tantrum

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I never post on tribe anymore so that is how good of a party this was. Beautiful space, amazing music, and fashionably adorable pins with which to mix and match to future outfits. What more could a girl want?

I had never heard either Jamie or Mike live before and it was an absolute pleasure to do so :)

The perfect mix between house and techno, dirty, sexy and sweaty!

(The last part literarily. A bit more ventilation would have been MUCH appreciated. Maya and I were dripping sweat head to toe all night!)

The porta-poty made me smile once i realized it was 'dudes' only. When we first walked in (having been pre-warned the venue only had one toilet), we thought that was it and wanted to cry. Thankfully the washroom of the non plastic variety was kitten friendly

Special shoutouts to Mayab my favourite partner in crime and LL ;), martin tan adorable to pieces and glad you had such a good time in cuba, nice to run into connor for the first time in over a year! And apparently gavin just randomly appears at parties at 3 am.

I'm going into hibernation mode until new years, but that was the perfect out


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It was a great party indeed: nice warm venue, good tunes, good vibes: it had a Cherry Beach-like feel to it, with a mixture of candy ravers, tech-heads, random partiers, but everyone super super friendly.
Thanks guys!


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PS. I have now realized I lost not one but two tickets given to me earlier that evening by Pat Boogie: one for Defected at Tangerine, one for Dennis Ferrer at Revival.
If anyone has found them I would gladly pay a finders' fee...
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The cops loved this party so much, they kept coming back. That's why the place was so hot. We needed to keep all the windows closed to keep the sound in. But, apart from some ringing ears and sore feet, this went off without problems. So thanks to everyone that came by and making it what it was.

We recorded the audio of the night so please feel free to have a listen:


DJs in order of appearance:
Hali, Fabio Palermo, Jamie Kidd, Mike Gibbs (and repeat lineup for second sets)




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just what the doctor ordered. awesome job, guys!

gibbs is also officially one of my new favourite dj's.

will be there with buttons on for any future events! :)


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was going to check this out after DC but really just wanted to get home to my fam and cuddle. sounds like it was a jam!


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I had a good time, the vodka helped.

I enjoyed the concept of the party, really hush hush, no pretention or attitude and nice sized space and BYOB.

The cops seemed pretty cool when they came and let the party go on.
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so this is the 'ultra-underground-super-secret-invite-only-party-for-cool-people-only' i heard about last week :p
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we arrived after 4am, having gone to see DC at FW... got an hour of sweat-filled dancing in. crowd seemed a little tired and over-heated by that point, but still enjoying the music.

i'm really looking forward to the next BOK jam!


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kyfe said:
I enjoyed the concept of the party, really hush hush, no pretention or attitude and nice sized space and BYOB.
Exactly! Great change of pace from the usual clubbing scene.

I had a fun time, the space was lovely and there were friends scattered all over throughout the night. Really looking forward to the next one.


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Lysistrata said:
so i guess this is one of those things you need to be on facebook to know about? bloody facebook.
Im with you on that, the only reason i joined facebook was so I could keep up to date on these partys!
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Without getting into the details of it, let's just say I don't have access to facebook but still want in on this. Is this possible?


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The answer is no. And I would think about changing your phone number and moving quickly.

<this is a joke>
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