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BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2014 - Mixed by Rich Hope


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Annual mix for BOUNCE, this one's a 3 deck mixdown featuring a lot of great music. Check BOUNCE Info and stay on top of upcoming events, which are plenty.

DL here: BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2014 - Mixed by Rich Hope



Inverse Cinematics - Slow Swing (Pulver Records)
Block & Crown - Watcha Gonna Do (ClubbDubb) Let's Play Music
Raumakustik-Tangooli (Purple Disco Machine Remix) Klang
Mighty Mouse & Monarchy - In Front Of Our Friends (Midnight Dub) Nightfilm
Alklino - Just Like Music (Troia Recordings)
Mr Shandaar - Inside Out (White Beard)
5prite - Do Dis (Bedroom Chill)
Stefano Mango & Dj Vitto-I Got Da Funk (303Lovers)
Freeman & Farelly - Klaxon (Darius Syrossian Remix) Mircrozoo
Cucumbers - Kiss All Night (Audio Tonic)
Kenny Summit - Loving You (Husky Dub) Good For You Records
EdOne & Bodden - Do It (Off Recordings)
YoungTEE - The Stalker (Brooks Personal Alarm Mix) Southern Fried
Iz & Diz - The Latest Freak (Guidance)
Trevor Vichas - Deeper (Demarkus Lewis Remix) Grin Traxx
The NG9 Project - Dub Heart (Robsoul Recordings)
Maggs Bruchez - Smooth & Mellow (Flapjack)
Mark Funk - Lady Bug (Guesthouse)
Bob James - Mardi Gras (Cratebug Edit) CDR
Adriano Celentano - Himno Del Amor (Mat.Joe's Secret Level Edit) CDR
J Paul Getto - Friends With Benefits (La Valigetta)
Nick Jagger-Taxation (Inhouse)
Kimbra - Settle Down (DC Edit of Kreap Remix) CDR
Chemars - Jazz Stax (Ginkgo Music)
Black SHeep - Choice is Yours (Cratebug Edit) CDR
J Paul Getto and DJ Mes - Get It Together (Dub) Guesthouse
Stefano Esposito - Jump Around (Definition:Music)
Florian Meindl - Flashmob (Doc Martin's Subwarp Voice Remix) Hell Yeah
Genghis Clan, Bill Kill - Clapyahen (Snatch!)
Amine Edge & Sodda - Groovy City (Groove On)
Milty Evans - Feel That Love (DJ E-Clyps Remix) KleenHouse
Nina Perez - I Can Do It (Christian Hornbostel Remix) miniMarket
Rogerio Martins - Phat Jack (Jackmoves)
The Reflex Revision - Watchtower (CDR)

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