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bounce @ keating channel!

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by basketballjones, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    wrong buses, long walks, kicked off toe nails, dirty beats...this had everything

    so glad i made it out with some good friends for some dirty beats
    liked all the dj's but i feel sorry for anyone who goes on after the loopity goofs, they are just bananas

    gord stole the show as i find he always does, he is like lightning behind the cdj's, just stellar, scott is the perfect yin to his yang

    morales, i guess house gangsters dont smile cause it looked like for the most part he cracked a smile about 5 times, music was good, but dude, show you are having a good time!!

    props to all the crews, i even got a free shirt!!
  2. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    Are you kidding me? He was smiling and partying it up the entire time.

    What a shit show indeed! :)
    Proper review later, still getting my wits together... best party of the summer.
  3. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    i saw him smile a few times, but he looked kind of wooden to me

    either way, another dope jam!
  4. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    we ordered the appetizer platter, and the mozzarella sticks on it were possibly the best mozzarella sticks i have ever eaten in my 32 years on this planet
  5. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    kronenbourg 1664 blanc on tap, slammin' beats, old friends and great food make this the best day of the summer so far. respect to the bounce crew! keep 'em coming...
  6. gl*tch

    gl*tch TRIBE Member

    such a great jam - thanks all who hosted, planned and executed!
  7. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    nice little jam
    good choice for venue, food is yum for pub fare
  8. soapy

    soapy TRIBE Promoter

    awesome party!!!
    we heard the music from halfway through loopity goofs to halfway through preacherman and all of it was top notch. morales was dope but not epic. proper funky house. i was glad to hear a bunch of tracks i had not heard before but i do agree that i wasnt sure if he was having a good time. Mike stole the show for me hands down. funky, techy, electro'y, house with big basses and stellar vocal mixing. we couldnt stop dancing! i was glad to see that a bunch of people who missed the may 24 jam made it out this time. for me this is what house music is all about and if you really appreciate house it just dosnt get any better.
    thanks again to everyone involved.
  9. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    It's been a lot of hard work to bring Hector over... but with the help of Bounce and Preacherman, we turned this into reality.

    It was an idea that Moe and I had for a while, but we didn't know anyone and we sure didn't have the experience to turn this dream into reality.
    Moe and I never threw a party, let alone a party of such size and expectations... but we knew we were in good hands with Bounce/Preacherman.

    So we brought Hector and we wanted to make sure that this party was FREE - because we wanted to show Toronto a good time, a good time that can be achieved without spending an arm and a leg.
    We didn't want to make any money off this, we just wanted to dance, get trashed and party with our friends and we definitely achieved that and more.

    Everyone brought it - from Locols to Preacherman and of course... Hector. He is one outstanding man! And man, can he handle the Patron! lol
    Music was top-notch and yes, Mike brought some serious beats after Hector.
    This party had it all, great tunes, great weather, great food, great people, great visuals, fireworks... we felt blessed we were able to make this happen.
    From Chi-house to dirty funky shit - that was Gangster house indeed.

    I can't say this enough, thank you to Bounce and Preacherman for helping us (The Ballers) throw this party, people trust your parties and they have a reason why. You are professional, fair, funny and know how to organize things. Moe and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for helping us.

    Oh and Hector had the time of his life... it's really strange to hear people saying he wasn't smiling - makes me wonder if they actually were looking at him - he WAS smiling and partying it up, pictures definitely prove that. He loves Toronto!

    The best party of the summer, indeed!
  10. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member

    well i just want to say thank you J and M for treating us to a special day with hector. that is a really amazing thing to do for the community and i know everyone else appreciates it too.

    and it's not just bringing him in, but lots of work putting it together as bounce and preacherman are able to do.

    i am still meeting a lot of cool people from the toronto scene every time these parties go down. or getting to know people even better.

    it was a really good canada day. and the keating channel pub have been great with these parties too. not only is the food there so awesome, but the staff are really chilled out with a crowd that doesn't roll through every week.

    i saw two scuffs inside the bar, and a crazy dude near the end who should've been tossed in the lake. bar staff didn't seem to really care about all these nut jobs ha!

    and snaps to mike - he really brought the heat in that set!
  11. PAUZE

    PAUZE TRIBE Promoter

    Killalady please don't review your own party, its lame!

    Just kidding, I am super glad you guys had a good turnout and congrats on throwing another underground event in the city. We are looking at doing something similar in the future, giving back to the party people. Trying to find something we can do for free but at the moment we are stuck for locations.....

    I'm going to try and make it out the the next one of these jams, I keep seeing such solid reviews.....
  12. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    :) hehe, we did this for you guys, so at least I can do is review my own damn party! lol

    I really posted the review because I just wanted to thank Bounce/Preacherman for helping us, because without them, this would not have happened.

    That and, come on - for a free party - that was the SHIZNIT, no?
  13. mixupmixup

    mixupmixup TRIBE Member

    gotta send an extra big shout out to my baller peoples dem!

    wikid buzz. .... ... what a rig. :)
  14. AshG

    AshG Member

    big thanks to Jo and Moe!

    for those who haven't seen, i posted up the mixes in the dj mix forum. alternatively, you can dl the entire 12 hrs in one zip file right here:

    All the sets
  15. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member

    next time you have to make a cheesy infomercial a la Time Magazine box sets.

    "relive the best party of the summer with 12 hours of non-stop party classics". and the tracklist scrolls up for 20 minutes lol
  16. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    What's so bad about that ;)
  17. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    so...how awesome was it?
  18. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member




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