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Bounce: funky vs twisted house


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Wassup Tribe!

24/7 dance music radio stream.

Over the next month on Bounce, we’re pitching deep & funky house against electro & twisted house. For the next two weeks we have programmed a splendid line up of funky, jazzy, soulful and uplifting sessions filled with sunshine.

Then, from July 1st, we'll heat things up with 100% twisted filthy electro sets. Which line up will get the most listeners?? We'll let you know July 17th... place your bets now!

The new rotation features a few old favourites but mostly fresh new mixes from our talented contributors across the globe. Log on at bouncebeats.net today and enjoy which ever dj you drop in on from this line up...

> Johan ‘Zyron’ Åstrand - summer on the bounce an exclusive mix for Bounce from Sweden. Nice one Johan!

> jay west - feel the flavour if you don’t own any of the tunes Jay’s released, this proves he’s funky as fook.

> alejo galvez - de lima su house pure Peruvian paradise.

> dj ya’mo - live at Deca (nov 05) the Bounce favourite blows us away once again with a mix not aired on the stream before.

> dj noël - update 19.1 commercial and funky house from summer 2001.

> josh lasden - floating on 2 blissed out house and broken beats from Belgium

> miss mee - mix 1 A replay on Bounce. Chunky beats a go-go in this fantastic mix from Brussels.

> miss valentine - deep&funky direct from Atlanta, does what it says on the tin. so beautiful it’s back again for the third time.

> jay west - deep as your sister’s pussy one mix from Jay simply isn’t enough. Beautiful.

> dj ya’mo - spring 06 we aired this mix at the start of May and we’re still loving it.

> deep & dubby Time to kick back and drop the bpms. Erm... we’ve lost track of where this mix came from. Please let us know if it’s yours!

> LifeIsRound - june 06 once again the LifeisRound crew rock us to sleep and make us dream beautiful things.

Got a mix for Bounce? Drop us an email. We love to stream your sessions!

Cheers for now
Noel @ Bounce
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