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bounce by the lake finale

Stop Bill C-10

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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from what I understand the Keating Channel Pub will not be doing any more outdoor music events after this, be it for Bounce or any other promoters wanting to use the space. its a shame, I've had some great times on the patio.
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One more sleep. :D

2 - 4: Miz Megs
4 - 5:30: Loopity Goofs
5:30 - 7: Baby Joel
7 - 9: Matt C
9 - 11: Rich Hope
11 - 1: Mike Gleeson
1 - close: Preacherman


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just got in the door from georgian bay, and will be making the trek down to keating channel in a couple hours.

looking forward to bounce by the lake one last time technics1200baconpan
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