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Bought a used car but lost the UVIP. What can I do now?


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I bought a motorcycle 1.5 years ago. A few days after taking delivery of the bike, I lost my job and sent 1.5 years unemployed so registering the bike was not on the top of my priority list. However, I want to take care of it now but cannot find the UVIP. I have there back of the vehicle registration slip but that is it. How much crap am I in and how do i correct the problem. I do not want plates or to put it on the road right now. I just want the ownership in my name. Any help would be appreciated!

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its still in your name. go to the service ontario office and have them print a new one. if some one stole your bike and killed someone they sure as fuck would find you


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You still have the sale receipt, right? The UVIP costs about $20-25 (don't remember, it's been a minute), so you go with the sales receipt, the UVIP you purchase at service ontario, your insurance papers, your plate, and... I think your safety check.

If you don't have the safety check then they can provide you with a temporary sticker but that costs a bit and you'll have to go back again once everything's been deemed to be in good order.