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Boston bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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The rolling stone cover was a disinfo plant by the CIA to distract us from, some bad shit somewhere

WE're talking about it - so i guess its working

le bricoleur

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It's actually a leaked photograph of a super secret Black Ops stealth helicopter with a cloaking device that makes it look like the Boston Bomber.
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Aaron Bradley

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There is a lot of stuff that shouldn't be in schools, on TV, in commercials, in the news, on this board and in that magazine.

what will they think of next?
Rolling Stone is trying to stay relevant. They're claiming that they're trying to educate their core audience, which they claim is the same age range that this kid falls into.

Problem is - I don't know a single person within the age demographic that Rolling Stone claims to be targeted towards that reads it. The only peeps I know that read this are people that are older than me.

mitsuko souma

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Not the first time.
These guys will do anything to appear subversive.


That said, they should stand by their cover and not bow to pressure from CVS, WalMart, Kmart, et.al.
How would you feel if all internet porn was taken down tomorrow because a handful of people deemed it inappropriate?
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America was dead the moment it was born - the founders left their masonic cult symbolism all over Washington if you care to look.

Basically its a Vampire.
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