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Bosh : Signs Extension!


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Raptors fans got the four words they wanted from all-star forward Chris Bosh today: "I'll gladly come back," Bosh said, confirming he'll sign a lucrative six-year contract extension this summer.

The 22-year-old said he reached his decision after meeting Thursday morning with president and general manager Bryan Colangelo, and being convinced that the new GM can turn around the fortunes of the struggling franchise.

Bosh will be the centrepiece of the team as it tries to move into prominence in the eastern conference. The Raptors finished the season Wednesday night in Chicago, losing to the Bulls to finish with 27 wins and 55 losses, their fourth successive year out of the playoffs.

"My whole thing is 'why not?' " said Bosh, who as a three-year pro was entering into an offseason in which the Raptors had exclusive negotiating rights. "I have a chance to have my own team, be a leader on the team and challenge myself to bring it back up."


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Sugar D

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Thank God!

If he left, they might as well fold the franchise.

Hopefully this & the fact that Colangelo is the GM, will sway some free agents our way.
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Amazing news! I will be a raps fan for life, but this move was pivotal for the turnaround of the raps.
2007-2008 i'll be building the bandwagon for all the haters to get back on.

Still hard to grasp the amount of talent that draft year produced.


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Pinky- eat a nut.

And with my post: i erred. Didn't read the part where he's actually verbally commited- and had a meeting.

This is AMAZING news. I'm glad the one shoe didn't have to fall first (James resigning), before Bosh committed, unlike before when Wince WNBA MVP Carter had to wait for us to resign JYD (waste) and AW (waste) and a slew of other guys, before he committed.
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The Shiking

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Thanks Robot... that is truly great news, but I agree with a previous poster - until the ink is dry Im waiting with fingers crossed


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kuba said:
Until the ink dries on the contract, I am skeptical.

This isn't really news until the contract is actually signed.
It's a good sign, but nothing more than that at this stage


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Once Quinn was canned Bosh's signing was only a matter of time.

It is crazy that Bosh is only 22, these should be a good six years for the Raptors, relatively.
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I announced today at work that I'll be accepting a promotion and hefty raise. Of course as of yet nothing has been offered but I'm letting them know that when they do I will accept.


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I watched the last game of the season vs. Chicago on WGN. It was nice to hear Bosh getting his props from the WGN announcers. He's making a name for himself around the league.