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Bose Companion 2 Series I Speakers


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These have a dent in one speaker and there's a little static on the volume knob when you adjust the volume but these are otherwise fine desktop computer speakers. You don't need a giant plastic sub with these speakers.

Priced accordingly. $35.

The Bose® Companion® 2 Series I Multimedia Speaker System offers a quality sound upgrade over your computer's original speakers. Enjoy rich sound for music, movies and games. Dual inputs provide connection to a second audio device such as an MP3 player. A headphone jack and volume control are included for added convenience.

Product Features:

Adds rich, spacious sound to music and games on your PC
Connects easily to your computer for instant enjoyment
Dual inputs allow for use with additional audio devices like an MP3 player
Includes powered speaker, accessory speaker, speaker cable, audio input cable with RCA plugs, audio input cable with stereo mini plug, detachable AC power pack, rubber feet and owner's guide

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sorry, i havent been checking in here.

i still have these!

they can be picked up at yonge and dundas (during days) or dundas dufferin area (in the evenings / weekends)...
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