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bosa on WTF?!?

judge wopner

TRIBE Member
what the fuck is this shit.............

"girls girls...
me want a trailer load of girls"

shabba ranks


why go for one girl when you can go for a trailer load?
shit, imagine, an entire trailer load.
when you amass enough girls in one spot you start refering to them as "loads",
thats pretty biting commentary for a dancehall artist.

was shabba being metaphorical?
was he looking for the tralier load of girls that sits in all our hearts?
am i simply looking to satisfy my wanton sexual urges or the
emotional and maternal needs only an entire trailer load worth of women can provide?

either way, when you put that many girls in a trailer together, theres gonna be fights.
i guess thats why trailer loads of girls are such a coveted and oft-thought of theme in so many different musical styles.... they are so rare.

pick 10 grls you know, dress them up really nice and put them in a tralier together wtih some music and a martini bar.... 15 minutes later hair starts flying.

but not shabba, man, ive never seen so many girls so happy to be in a trailer together, dancing away.
if i ever found myself assembling a trailer load of women, id go by that image as my blue print.
most becasue i think he was the first to coin the phrase and bring to life something that was in the hearts of men for so long.

but why a trailer?
why not a bus, or a truck?
a room full of girls lacks charisma,
a train load of girls is pretty lame, you cant dance on the roof of a train unless youre in Bombay.

shabba never asked for much, he often spoke of killing wack emcee's and gay guys, of dancing with girls and pouring on the bass.... but most of all he wanted girls.
shabba could have had any girl he wanted no doubt.
but as with all great men, he sought after more, much much more.
he wanted not just one or two, or even three,
not twins or triplets, or super models or school girls,
shabba wasnt so shallow and judgemental,
he wanted a team player.
the kind of girl who could climb atop a trailer and assume her place in the "load"

and as they say, there is no I in team,
perhaps if more women were so willing to sacrafice their own self-centered needs for the greater good of men's ego's, this world could be so much more!!!

i guess we all have our trailer in some way,
for some its a personal goal or career aspirations,
for others its family and friends,
but for me, just like shabba its fairly literal,
our trailer is pretty much an actual trailer with actual girls in said trailer, happy as hell to be there.

perhaps its true what they say about dancehall, the truth, the light.

mega bosa
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