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bosa on latino's

judge wopner

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i just want to give a big shout out to another one of my favourite groups of people:

the spanish. (not hispanic, thats so american)

yeah i said it, spics are great!.

all kinds too, mexicans, dominicans, south americans, central americans.
even the OG's from spain too.

as kid growing up in a multicultural neighborhood I surveyed all the different gang bangers and always thought if i had my choice, id want to be spanish for sure.
the whole shirt with the top button done up, gang signs, "ke passo compadre?!?!?".....
i loved all that shit.

but being italian doesn endear one much to the local Venezuelian Hombres, East mississauga's finest.

i lived out my fantasy of being spanish by watching every banger movie i could, foolishly believing this is what is was like for spic's everywhere.
Blood in Blood out, that was the classic, the textbook stereotypes you needed to act like
youre part of La Rassa!!

if La Rassa ever started accepting applications from non-mexican applicants, id be first in line.

latino's have it tough, they have faced much rascism and hardship in the new world of north america.
underepresented in the media and business world, over represented in the entertainment world.
one wonders if our culture see's latino's as simply there to entertain us and entice the ladies.
who ever coined the term latin lover?
if i was from a culture the exact oppisite of latino's, lets say scandanavian; id feel de-sexualized.
since when did spics get the rap for sexing everything up?
i know its hot in much of latin america, but shit, theres lots more to these proud people than just hot tempers and spicy food.

if i was spanish id want to be a revolutionary.
whos that guy thats always on the t-shirts? Che Guervera?
forgive me, im probally spelling it wrong because i dont know shit from shit when it comes to spanish,
mabey if Canada re thought this whole french-english bilingualism and started printing labels in english and spanish, we'd all be better off.
i mean really, every french person ive ever met speaks english anyway, so how are road signs that say " 401 WEST/OUEST" helping us? french is so 80's. and not in a good electro/retro kind of way, more like pinning your pants and watching 'Manequien 2' way that never comes back in style.

perhaps if our signs read "401 west to the the purlife/la pura vida e la 401 Westito", this world could be everything we hoped for.

thousands of winter weary north americans travel south to enjoy the good life in mexico every year,
Cancun, Acopulco, Ixtapa and Puerto Vaillarta...... its here amidst the all inclusive madness of one can find the ancient cultures of the mayan's and aztec's.
a far cry from Taco Bell commercials proclaiming "Viva Gorditas!" as they push watered down mexican food to the unknowing masses....

2 good latin restaurants in toronto:

El Asador: elsalvadorian food, wicked. wicked. bloor street, just east of bathurst.
La Cantina: mexican food, dope. younge st, just north of davisville ave.

some say "too many cooks spoil soup", i say "too many chef's not enough spic's."
i guess its true what they say about latinos.... the greatest people on earth.

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actually, Hispanic is the correct term to describe us. People from South America and Central America are very different than people from spain.
Culturally and in almost every other way except for the language. Hispanics only speak spanish because of the conquistadores that came and "civilized" the natives and forced their Christian "religion" upon them.

People always ask me if I'm spanish.....I speak spanish, but culturally, I'm hispanic.

Hispanic is a term used to describe a group of people who share similar cultural characteristics. It is not a race. (lots of people think that hispanic is a race).

peace, love and flowers.