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BOSA on Germany

judge wopner

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check out this interesting story from CNN about some issues currently facing the European Union:

Showdown looms at key EU summit

Friday, December 12, 2003 Posted: 1304 GMT ( 9:04 PM HKT)

BRUSSELS, Belgium (CNN) -- A standoff between Germany and Poland threatens to engulf a crucial summit in Brussels as European Union leaders prepare to battle it out over a controversial constitution.

Threatening the summit's success is the voting strength of each member state in an enlarged EU.
Germany -- with a population of more than 80 million -- wants to make sure it has sufficient clout in the 25-member union and wants changes to the voting system. Berlin says a deal fixed three years ago at summit in Nice gave new countries like Spain and Poland too many votes.

Poland and Spain were allowed 27 votes each, compared with Germany's 29 votes, even though Poland and Spain each have populations of around 40 million.

1304 GMT ( 9:04 PM HKT)


An open letter to the European union from the desk of the doctor:

A part of me has always feared germans, and that one morning i would awake to hear alarm bells and the call to war as once again the mighty Huns have asserted themselves in a less than diplomatic manner to take over the world.

Having happened twice in the last hundred years, one wonders how easily Europeans and North americans forget what horrors millions have suffered at the hands of German military forces.
None more so that Poland, having been a hopeful jewel in their crown for over 3 centuries, Poland has seen more aggressive posturing from Russia and Germany in the last 100 years than a Chezch prostitute.

Ah yes, that demonic hindenburg in WW1, and then Hitler in WW2. Im not sure what i find more disturbing, the propensity of a stereotypically proud and industrious people to allow themselves to be swayed by such monsters or the collective resolve to make excuses for their misdeeds. ( a duck is a duck is a duck as they say, and yes all must be forgiven, and blood is on many others hands as well, for germans were not the only nation to have such ambition.)

I often wonder if thanks to propaganda and poor economic conditions germans, austrians and even italians at one time could be convinced to follow the madness of one man and his visions of a master race, then would it not stand to reason that such people should be carefully watched over to prevent another emergence of a 21st century monster who may capitalize on some impending doom?

i would suppose not, many point to the USA and its current president, but any suggestion that americans as a people are so nice is met with scorn as we all have taken jabs at those "cocky" and "ignorant" americans non? but are they not passive victums of their leader who has capitalized on the war on terror? arent the american people as a whole innocent of any and all atrocity commited under command of George W Bush. When we feel sorrow for the victums of terrorism, yet cautiously suggest they were victums of a monster they helped to create, are we not implying it takes more than one man to direct the course of a nations foreign policy?

Germany thanks to rebuilding efforts after WW2 is now economically stronger than every nation that helped to free them from Nazi clutches save the US and UK.
What a wonderful legacy left behind by the Allies, millions dead so the world could be free of nazi tyrany and Germany could once again become the most powerful nation on the european mainland in 40 short years, complaining about how many votes in the EU they can muster over Poland, a country that only 55 years ago they attempted to murder most of its citizens, make home to concentration camps so that generations could gaze upon the shipyards and campgrouds of Autchiwitch and the like after being pillaged of what little wealth they possed.

I say to Germany, make wise use of your wealth and the hardworking nature of your people who
appear content to vacation 6 weeks a year in the carribean, buck naked. As you too suffered the horros of a war in which there were no winners save the human race who ridded themselves of Nazi ideals.
Give Poland the votes they deserve, for their population of 40 million may have been much larger today had it not been for a certian Bohemian Corpral and his unthinkable solutions non?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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[ Give Poland the votes they deserve, for their population of 40 million may have been much larger today had it not been for a certian Bohemian Corpral and his unthinkable solutions non?


totally agree... a lot of people kinda overlook this stuff, damn, human memory is pretty short.. i mean, ww2 was just 40 years ago.. not that long if you think about it.

Marcin M :)