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bosa on food, sex and bakeries

judge wopner

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he greatest irony of our culture is our strident gains in excess, so perversely opposite to the billions who starve. perhaps the same spirit with which we celebrate food could be not one of blind consumption but of gving.
therein lies the greatest beauty of food, not just its limited shelf life and precious taste, but the ability to enjoy some of lifes greatest pleasures: eating and sharing all at once.

i love italain bakeries.
and to a lesser extent portugese ones too.

the local bakery is the mainstay of any italian neighbourhood,

you had the fresh bread, sandwiches, cold cuts and pasteries, the origional 4 food groups.

remember the smell of a bakery early in the morning, waiting while they took the bread out of the oven.... a few slices of havarti cheese and Mortadella, followed by a canoli, a short expresso and a pear juice in one of those tiny jars. a meal fit for a king.

In my old hood last week, i felt hungary and stopped by the old local bakery for a snack.
La Novita bakery was a mainstay for cooksville's italian and portugees communities.
(and the precious few cakers who knew what time it was when it came to baked goods)

After spending 10 minutes checking out the ailes for canned tuna, eggplant in oil and jarred olives,
I grabbed a few pannini and brought them to the counter where a nice 17 year old italian girl
with way too much make-up and really long nails took my order.

bun + meat + cheese + a San Pellegrino soda= $3.75, pretty good deal.
the beauty of family run business is how everything is negotiable. if you want extra meat on your sandwhich you dont pay an extra $0.75,
you have to smile a little more at the counter girl, and make a joke about how the neighbourhood is so different these days or if the Proscuttio Cotto is actually Cotto or just
cheap smoked ham wrapped in Italian looking Wax Paper.... if she likes you, she will tell you the truth...

they say you can never go back.
the passing fancy of time goes on, the bakery looks older and older, as do the customers.
the Harveys and Mr. Sub around the corner are bustling with the next generation of hungary kids.
they are missing out on a big part of their culture and a good snack.

i wish i could talk to them, let them know how precious these places are.

i give claps to all the bakeries out there, and not just the italian or the portugese ones, the polish, Ukranian, Yugoslavian and what not have some nice treats too, serving it up all for the love.

bakeries.... a slice of heaven on earth....

bosa.... :)
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i miss olympia bakery

well not the gross yeast smell every morning, and the seagulls that lived in the park next to it

but it was really nice. good bread, good buns, good bagels, good donuts..

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Cheer Bear

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I loved working in the bakery.

I did it for 3 years, and even though I'm not italian, I was always mistaken for one. ;)

We had fun, I'd go to their clubs with them, they'd come out with me.

I still keep in touch with each of them, fun times to be had. :)

Evil Dynovac

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Italian bakeries will do but I defected to Chinese bakeries a long time ago. Their bread and buns are just as good plus they have meat buns. Oh but how I love a deep fried curried beef bun! So good. Going for dim sum is made even better by stopping off for a box of meat buns afterward. You just know you next two days are going to be filled with yummy things to eat.


Cheer Bear

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Oh and the best part of working in a bakery? All the free food!

We used to weigh ourselves on the huge scale we had in the back because we ate sooo much crap.

Bruschetta for lunch or dinner, chocolates, mmmm.

you never went hungry


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i like all kinds of bakeries.

portugese bakeries like courense with their egg custard tarts and fluffy cream fillings...

italian bakeries with crusty rolls and deep fried stuffed rice balls...

chinese bakeries for my chinese sausage steamed buns and coconut buns, and bbq pork puff pastry thingies...

greek bakeries for baklava and custard pastries and spanokopita and cheese pastries, with the thicker phyllo...

whitey bakeries for cakes and tarts and cheesecakes and all the rest...

soooooooo tasty.
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personally.. now that La Novita is under diff management (i believe the owner is now portuguese.. hence it's not really an italian bakery anymore) the quality and selection of baked goods has gone to shit.. seriously.. the morons just don't know how to make a good Calabrese or even a tasty Kaiser anymore :p

I now get my baked goods from this little bakery on Lakeshore called "MGM"... their sourdough products are just amazing.. and they have this white bread that's made with yeast and it's soo good.. you can eat it just toasted with butter... and then they have that same bread but with cheese and herbs baked in.. hmmm.. and they even have cool stuff like "hemp" bread and other amazing stuff...i think I'm going to go eat my sourdough bread sandwich now.. soo hungry! :D


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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
:confused: I missed the part about the sex? Did you bang the 17 yearold? Did you pour your man butter in her oven?

"Let me dip my dunkin' between your donut" - Old Dirty Bastard

^^^ Best sexual proposition ever! LOL
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