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booze deliver in north york?

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I should think the Lastman household in North York should be able to hook a brother up with any alcoholic requirements


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1. Posts do exist before you read them, please consult the posting time. :p
2. There is a lot of glass houses on this board if needing booze at 9:30am on a Tuesday is suddenly a crime.

1. oops yeah totally didn't look at the time.
2. Most LCBOs open either 9:00 am or 10:00 am. My post was referring to there being no need for delivery at that time but again see no. 1

Sal De Ban

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Where did this Jake guy go? Dude! just take a taxi to the the lc. its about the same price as paying a bootlegger

glych t.anomaly

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There is not a after hours booze delivery service in toronto that will deliver up there, even when you offer 100$ delivery to do so. i have been with people who tried.

idrinks wont even deliver up to fucking Oconor and Don Mills half the time.


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