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Booty Bounce


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(once again)

To be 100% honest with you, the newly renovated Tropicana doesn’t look that bad. It had been a few months since I stepped foot in that place, and from the last time I was there, it’s defiantly a big improvement, although it looks like they haven’t finished all the work on it. The floor still bounces, the monitors aren’t strong enough for the system and the tables were setup too low. Those are definitely some things that should be worked on.

The crowd, oh my dear lord. What is it about Tropicana that seems to draw out the thugly jibrats from their reclusive hiding? It was an Echo-invasion of the finest. Not exactly Toronto’s finest showing up for last night.

Now the music was pretty damn good. Decepticon started the night by laying down a poorly mixed hard house set that I couldn’t get into if my life depended on it. I know it, I know Matt know’s it, it just wasn’t his night.

Waxmaster’s set was sweet from what I heard. I spent most of the night during his set either downstairs or out running about. Booty seems to make me hungry for some reason, so I ran up to Queen and grabbed some polish sausage. Mmmmm street meat, that was the highlight of my night.

I got back just in time for Bam Bam’s set (soaked from the blistering rain outside). The last time he was in Toronto was for Gatekeeper when he was promoting a new CD of his. I remember very clearly how much I liked the set, and this time around was no different. Hard House, at its finest. Mass crazy crossfader action all night. Behind the back scratching. Gearing in a sick track for an even sicker breakdown. This man knows his tracks, I was amazed by how at ease he was even though he was throwing down a new track every 30 seconds and mixing them in with such skill. I got to see him up close and personal (with the new Tropicana lay out) and everything I saw I was impressed with. A hard house headliner isn’t exactly something you see everyday (with BBB taking up the newer and more hip ‘disco’ house) so I was happy that he made it to t-dot and I was happy that I went out to hear him.

But in conclusion, I ask myself why did I go to this party? It was only last week that I vowed to stay away from the raveygoodness of parties and concentrate more on the variety of club nights that TO has to offer. I guess the name Bam Bam got me drawn in, but was partying with the ravermassive again really worth it? Ah who knows, I heard some good music and made a night out of it. But with Johnny Fiasco, Charles Feelgood and Mistress Barbara coming into town soon, im pretty sure I know where I will be spending my upcoming weeks.

PS: I have been meaning to do this for ages, I would like to thank the sexy people at the NUMB booth for, well, just being sexy kickass people. Thanx guys.

PaRtYKiD’s rating 6/10



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yah, ditto what corey said.

from our crazy ass adventures getting there combined with a lazy afternoon of beers at my place, by the time we got there i was really uncertain as to what to expect (and not entirely ready for what we found!!) my friends and i decided we were on a 'booty adventure', just looking for fun!! and what an adventure it was...shawn, andrea, ruth and christine - without you guys i woulda been in party hell. we did manage to have fun!! so many silly things - from the parking lot adventures to the guy with the really big booty (what was up with that ass??!!) to watching the 'tv show' the whole nite was hilarious.

as corey mentioned, tropicana sure does bring out some interesting folk. i had a few flashes of 'oh god. what am i doing here??!'(as some guy puked by my feet and another guy told me i was an angel) overall, managed to dance a bit...booty makes me laugh and dance like an idiot - but its so fun! and breaks, well how can you not love breaks?
musically the rest was alright. i don't think i was in the right frame of mind....

either way. booty bounce certainly was an experience....


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Originally posted by The Electrician:
Actually Decepticon didn't start off the night in that room...
Nope actually you did, but I got there late, so I only heard about 10min of your set. Thus, Decepticon started off the night for me.

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Ok I know this has nothing ot do w/ booty bounce but Im too lazy to troll thru the other events right now - Corey, when/where is Charles Feelgood going to be in town


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I'll make this brief I guess...

I enjoyed The Electrician's set, even though I'm not the biggest breaks freak... it was nice and pumping and some of the old tunes were thrown in... far as I could tell

Decepticon's set was ok, too much bass at points, don't know if it was his fault on the trims or the systems fault... but sometimes it was just bass farts

Waxmaster, was not impressed, last booty DJ i saw was Funk... and I will admit Funk isn't a good technical DJ but his stage presence and track selection made up for it... As for Waxmaster, he was good Technically but his set for me, was boring, just plain old boring. I've never heard him mix before live or on tapes, but this was a dissappointment.

Next up, Bam Bam... I was dissappointed that he didn't really play all that much Hard House... mostly Hard Techno and a bit of Hard House mixed in, from what I heard him spin last time, this for me... was a dissappointment, but like Corey said, he was on point almost every single mix. But I will say this, he tried tooo hard with the fader juggling, it was cool the 1st time, but after about 3 it started to get boring. I will say I enjoyed his set, but not as much as I did last time.

Overall this party was good, wasn't crowded... not too many people "bugging" me... and I feel sorry for the promoters, because from what I saw in attendance they probably lost a pretty penny on this one.

And as for the newly renovated Tropicana, it doesn't seem that much nicer, but it's an improvement. But as for the Upstairs (Jungle) room, that was pretty ghetto. I've seen better looking basement parties.

And as I stated in the original party thread, it was too expensive for this party, $20 would of been a bit more realistic... but o well... you win some and you lose some.



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i was kinda dissapointed that i got there just in time to miss the electrician's set because i didn't want to wait untill 5:00 to get my breaks fix....
by 4:30 i was completely drained of energy from being sober all nite but the minute big league chu came on i got a burst of energy that i didn't think i had in me and danced until the end of marty's set....
there's nothing better than morning breaks...



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I am looking for two wonderful people who came to BOOTY BOUNCE on Saturday November 25, 2000
I remember one of their names...Kimberly, and she came with her sister....You guys video taped the event and i would just like to get in contact with you PLEESE!!
Please e-mail me @ ill_fundamental@hotmail.com
so we can talk bizness!!!

Thank You.....(and anyone who knows who I am talking about, pleeze let them know I am in search of them!!!)
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Right after Journey, me and CosmicbOi and a couple of other people decided to show up here. It was around 545 and there was only an hour or so left in the party. I couldn't believe we still had to pay to get in. Ah, who cares. After Q-bert and Deep Dish I was still pumped to party. First thing I noticed was the crowd. It looked a little young. I'm 20, so don't thing I'm all old and shit. I'm not a bug fan of breaks but for some reason the dj(don't know who) was playing some wicked breaks and had me moving in no time. In the short time I was there, I had a pretty good time. A little over an hour and the music stopped playing, we went home completely satisfied of our saturday night. Two amazing parties at the same night. I loved it.