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Boo Williams / West Magnetic @ Mad Bar....


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Anyone go?? I wanted to go and represent, but I was too tired to go as I just got back into Chicago last night....

Need Reviews....


Man was on point... exceeded my expectations.

No big tracks to speak of...although he did drop ADNY "Never Leave You" which is a sweet track. Place was busy but not rammed.

Props to Kate for representing on the drinks tip...
No, No, No, GIZMO, thats where you're wrong!

Props to you for making my evening.

Boo was large and in charge, it was a fun night.
yeah boo was holding it dwn
like he does... proper buisness...
shouts ta jeff and chad...
was a def a good night out!
Wish I had gone - heard there might be some sweetness happening in the near future with Mr. Boo Williams ;)


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Some of my friends went to celebrate a birthday, but they don' tknow who Boo Williams is. :D Whatever, I told them to go that way for some sweat house sounds. They were all smiles today and said the music was NICE! That's all I needed to hear.