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Boo Williams, Ultrasound recording party

Rob Selecta

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Simplicity Entertainment alongside Ultrasound Recordings presents:
Boo Williams
Moves n Grooves, nitelife, farris wheel

Chorduroy Music
Richard Brooks & Brandon Costigane


West Magnetic
Ultra sound Recordings

It is very rare that a record label catches the attention of both DJs and partiers alike. A label who's music not only makes you wanna boogie, but seems to take you to a higher plane, a paradise so to speak. Having already received props from prominent DJs and producers, Ultrasond Recordings is set to present to the most important audience, the dance floor. Come and celebrate our first release "Johnny Fiasco's Hi-Fi Series One" and the launch of a label that's set to leave a timeless impression.

Mad Bar
230 Richmond st W


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It's on April 25th I believe (Thursday) - Boo Williams will be amazing, and West Magnetic will be beautiful....love their previous stuff they put out (on OM anyway)

...can't wait, and congratulations to the ultrasound recordings crew..

ultrasoundrecordings website - still in the process of being finished - can't wait to hear some of the releases being put out by this new label.


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