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Boo Williams @ DeLeon White Gallery


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1) party was supposed to start at 4pm. Mixed Signals then announced 8pm start. guestlist was good til 9pm. when we showed up at 8:45, they were on the brink of deciding to set it all up downstairs instead of upstairs.

At 11:30pm, when we sent a representative back to the party to see if it had started, we got the "we hear beats!" and headed back.

2) Boo didn't come on until 2am. From the party's start time I realized that he wouldn't be on til later, but... Don't advertize 11pm if it's 2am.

I have no idea how they thought they could throw that party upstairs - the space would've been retardedly too small. But since they had an "upstairs" soundsystem, the sound downstairs kinda blew chunks unless you were standing right infront of a speaker.

Boo was adorable, walking around, dancin with all the ladies. He brought the funk and the soul and the disco and he made everything alright with the world. sigh...

some smoothe shit for a sunday night.
all in all, a frustrating night -- but Boo was worth it. So worth it in fact, that I had a freaking blast. the tunes were keeping me on the dancefloor and the booze was keeping me happy. all was well in Marialand.
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Mixed Signals

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1) As everyone may already know, the party as supposed to be on the rooftop and second floor, the weather put a stop to that. So a last minute decision was made to start at 8pm. The decision to set up downstairs was also made very last minute because the weather didn't clear up enough to justify using the rooftop, doubling our rent in the process. With the one floor, the space would have been retartedly small, and that is exactly the reason for the last minute decision.

2) Boo didn't go on until 2am because we had to honor the sets of the many many locals that were booked for the 4pm start time (AR decided not to spin so Boo could go on earlier). The advertised time for Boo was based on the 8pm start time, which was compromised for reasons mentioned above. He rocked it til the end, and had a great time listening to the locals who also rocked it.

3) The system that was rented was for the downtairs, in the case we had to throw the event down there, but was not running at full capacity thanks to a visit by toronto's finest at 1am. Louder sound had to be sacrificed to keep the party going.

All in all with everthing said and done, we are happy with the event and the crowd turnout. The reason for most of the issues was the weather, after we dealt with that, everything ran smooth as butter. We apologize for any inconvenience that our late start may have caused, but it was more out of neccessity than anything.
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I'm really dissappointed I missed this. I need a good solid night of losing myself to souled out house. Haven't heard Boo since the old R'n'B days. It would have been stellar.
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Aw! The only picture I actually took at the party. :eek:

I was annoyed by the late start time, and the space wasn't fantastic, but it was nice to check out something different, and I -did- get to enjoy the view and the grass on the rooftop, if only for a little bit. Got quite inebriated (gotta love birthdays) and therefore cannot comment too much on anything else. (Oh except, I <3 Gryphon.)

why not

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grit said:
yeah, it seemed like you were on some good shit. ;)

i was on vacation, and it was one of those "if you take it right now i'll give it to you for free" kind of deals.

synapses feel nice and clean now - it's good to do once a year or so.