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BOO 6 in NYC


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HEY! I just posted something about this in the General Forum (not sure how long it's gonna last in there.....)

I'm going - can't wait. My fav stages? 1,3 & 5.


DJ Red Lion

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Rap, Majik, SS, Bailey, Freaky Flow, KRS-ONE, Blacksheep, Tony Touch, Kid Capri, Dan, Hawtin, Glaude, Bad Boy Bill, Micro, +++.

Close friends B-day/Road trip weekend and 420 in NYC (fingers crossed) hope my seat is still saved.


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anyone need gueslist for this event? If you are seriously going, let me know, pm me and I'll sniff around for ya. I'll be there.

vench <-----will try and pull strings.........
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