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Bonna fide End of the World flick? Or another Independence Day?

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Originally posted by sweetdaddy
yeah.....it looks like it COULD be good.

I thought so too up until the put that title card:

From the director of Independence Day.

Roland Emmerich = possible anti-Christ

Expectations are low, hoping for the best.
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The trailer seemed all right, but anyone who directs a movie with
as their president, I just don't know.....

Mr. Wrong, what an understatement.
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Originally posted by Noodles0
on a side note ..

James do u know if they are making a Transformers movie?

They are, but it's in it's earliest stages (like figuring out what it's going to cost). Pre production, and this is often the hardest phase to get out of (especially when it's a high minded, potentially expensive project such as this). I don't think they even have a script as of yet, so wait until there's a solid script before anticipating this.

The Tesseract

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Day After Tomorrow stars Jake Gyllenhall.
You know it's gonna be good.

The transformer movie should be interesting. They're going with the original 1984-86 story/timeline/character set.
Supposedly it will be live action with CGI.
that should be interesting... of course, they could inevitatbly fuck it up and make it look like power rangers or some dumb crap.
Hey 4D - where'd you get the casting of Jake from? I'd like to see who else is in it before I pass pre-judgement on it. If Judd Hirsch is in it, I'm abandonning all hope.
nevermind just found it:

Dennis Quaid .... Professor Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal .... Sam Hall
Emmy Rossum .... Laura
Sela Ward .... Lucy
Arjay Smith .... Bryan
Tamlyn Tomita .... Janet
Austin Nichols .... J.D.
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Tim Bagley .... Tommy Levinson
Christopher Britton .... Vorsteen (as Chris Britton)
Tony Calabretta .... Cabbie
Tommy Chang .... Cyclist
Joe Cobden .... Zack
Larry Day .... Flight Director
Thomas Delauney .... Timmy
Rick Hoffman
Beau Holden .... NYC Survivor
Ian Holm
Perry King
Claude Laforce .... UN Norwegian diplomat
Jack Laufer .... Dennis
J.P. Manoux .... Cameraman
Dash Mihok .... Jason
John Sanford Moore .... New York Reporter
Kenneth Moskow .... Bob
Jay O. Sanders .... Frank
Nestor Serrano .... Tom Gomez
Chuck Shamata .... General Pierce
Amy Sloan .... Elsa
Max Walker .... J.D's Friend
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