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bone spurs in my hands!


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hurt like hell!


when i get home from work, sometimes my hands are so stiff that i can't even write properly.

i went to the doctor here and he told me that they couldn't do shit, and to "take lots of advil".

fucking quack.

any advice?

Dirty Girl

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whats a bone spur ?
what sort of work do you do ?

Try soaking your hands in warm water and some sort of solution of something , that might help ease them up.
or some kind of artritis type cream.



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That wont do diddley....
Bone spur is a calcium deposit that grows on / or into a joint.
You gotta cut it out.
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My Mom had bone spurs and the only way to fix them is to operate. But, they come back most of the time anyway.


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Originally posted by Dirty Girl

ahh you poor pumpkin :(

No big deal. Minor day surgery.

Then you tell the doc you need your hands for your work and he gives you a note to stay away from work for 2 weeks.

I recommend surgery this time of year ! :)