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Boiler Room TV New Kanada Take Over

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Monday Night Event with Label Boss and local legend/ex pat hero DJ Adam Marshall brought us together. All heads recognize, Music is Life is Transcendance. Because of this, we all congregated to commune under a dome in a warehouse next to a wood burning fire stove one time for your mind, body, and soul.

Tonight we were treated to a special pop up concert (throwdown? Showdown? _Celebration_) of professional bad boy DJ's + Producers, who tossed down the gauntlet, ran the gambit, crossing bedrock fundamental genres of House, Techno, and their love child sound off shoot of Stand Up, Sit Down, Hypnotic Dub Tech What-Have-You.

I strolled in as someone was wrapping up, and then Adam + Christian teamed up to captain the helm. They were KILLER. Electric Vibe, Electric Boogaloo. And after The Mole brought the curtain down with an uplifting, but down and dirty vinyl set. Interstellar!

Straight up, it was tight, packed to the rafters, hot, rough, rugged, raw, yet still polished, soft, smooth, and butter-y yum yum Delicious (in other words: BACON).

Who says Festivus can not occur more than once a year?

Praise the Greater Good, One Love


PS - I have it on high authority New Kanada is repatriating! The flock is returning to the roost as it were. This is positive newz.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Should you like more content, commentary, or context, I am available offline, and of course by PM. :)

And if I may, my suggestion would be to check the BRTV site for the official record (if I have teh chipz + Time, I will link up the audio/video).

Everythang gonna be Luffley!


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Ha, awesome review, man. How'd you find yourself invited?

Good for the New Kanada guys, I've been big into that label for years. New Graze record is more than decent and everything the Mole touches I'd down with.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Adam and I are partners in crime from 20 years back (before Blue Records, Blue Thursday's etc, got going). We are a couple of Old Ravers (in Age, not Mind). So many, many days/nights/Mornings the city/province/country/world over.

He is on Tribe (lonemale), although he has not posted in forever. He does lurk I hear.

Keep an ear out towards the national media today, there is a special announcement coming down the pipe which could portend something extra good.


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I'm confused and intrigued. Is my boy Mansbridge breaking the news on XI's new haircut?

These Boiler Rooms look fun in person, but when I tune in, I can only last about ten minutes or so - watching a jam via web with mediocre sound quality is a weird way to get down to dance music.
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So...Boiler Room has done two events in Toronto so far and both were invite only?

what's up with that? You have to be friends with the DJ's/promoter?
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