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BODY ROC @ System Soundbar - Boxing Day Bashment...

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***Wednesday, December 26th 2001 - BOXING DAY BASHMENT

presented by Hustlin' Beats & Vinyl Syndicate

Toronto's elite come together on this one as the Hustlin' Beats Crew and Vinyl Syndicate Crew team up for the BOXING DAY BASHMENT! We are extremely proud to offer you one of the Top Toronto DJ Line-ups ever with all of your favourite T-Dot badmen steppin' it up on this one. As well, to top the night off... massive get ready for some METALHEADZ bizniz...

Main Arena:

(Metalheadz, A.W.O.L., UK)

Mystical Influence B2B Ryan Ruckus
Marcus B2B Sniper
Unknown Souljah B2B Lush
Diligence B2B Illfingas

MC's L.Natural, Caddy Cad, M.C.P., Bandit

V.I.P. Lounge (19+): UK Garage and Sexy DnB

The Reflex Crew

MC Smooth 1

Bassment Lounge (19+): Old Skool Jungle Arena

Slip n Slide
Royal Rumble
Easy Rush

MC's Friendlyman, MC JD, Trajady

$15 before Midnight,
$20 Thereafter!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BODY ROC ALL AGES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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