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Body Roc @ System 6.28.2001


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Sickest party no doubt!
While the main room was sustaining heavy structural damage caused by some of the harshest jungle vibes being blasted out by ones like Marcus, Mystical and Lush, the vip room was comfortably numbed by the sweet tunes of atmospheric d'n'b dropped by Dappa and the bewitching Terra. Velocity contributed with speed breaks and some vocal mixes.

G-Squad (UK) were a dissapointment though. Mad big ups to the local talent! You boys (and girls.. ahem..terra) showed tonight just how serious t-dot jungle scene really is!

headline MC's should not battle security guards over awkwardly looking bottles of juice! what the hell was that supposed to mean?


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definitely heard some good dnb. however, i unfortunately can't relax and enjoy myself when the place is full of high school kids. (i'm a teacher, so my biggest fear is running into students at a party.) which basically means i can't go to a jungle party and fully enjoy myself anymore. fffffaaaaawwwwwwwkkkkkkkkk!!!!! it's so fustrating. wish i could get over it, but can't.

anyway, the vip room was a nice tight party with sorta breaky-jungle that was fun to dance to. wasn't in the main room too much but heard a sample of whitney houston's (fuck forgot the name, about 2 years old, i'ii just call it vocals) which sounded wikkid, but then i think there was a screw up when mixing in the next track over it. overall, i heard great music and had some fun for a wed. night