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BODY ROC Returns to System Soundbar - TUESDAY MAY 7th 2002 (Re-Grand Opening)

Empire Squad

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After a short break, BODY ROC returns to System Soundbar with a new theme, a new vibe, a new look and a new cheap cover…


As you all know, Body Roc has been running strong since June 2001 featuring Toronto's best Jungle / Drum n Bass performers as well as hosting some of Jungle Music's premiere artists.

This time around we are going to be taking it back and re-establishing the party vibe from back in the day. When the Empire crew began partying before we came together to create Empire, we all fell in love with the atmosphere that was a Jungle Arena. From the cold darkness of the deep Bass lines to the Blazing Fire from all the lighters in the air, the jungle vibe wasn't about which 'cool' international djs were playing... it was about an exciting music form that bonded people together in simplicity.

Starting on TUESDAY, MAY 7th 2002 and continuing each and every Tuesday thereafter...

BODY ROC @ SYSTEM SOUNDBAR returns with a new beginning

Rotating Residents: (*In the Main Room ONLY!)

Marcus Visionary
Mystical Influence
Catchin' Wreck aka DJ Lush
Capital J
Slip n Slide
Ryan Ruckus

Hosted by:

L Natural
Caddy Cad

$3 all night long!

BODY ROC is strictly for the 19+ clientele (ID is a must). This will be in place at all times including all the way through the summer.

A breakdown of a BODY ROC Tuesday:

5 of Toronto's best Jungle / Drum n Bass DJs (rotating weekly)
2 of Toronto's best Jungle MCs (rotating weekly)
Cheap drink specials each and every week
Tons of Givaways, contests, prizes, etc. each and every week
*(if you think we're full of shit, System Soundbar has just given away 55 trips to Daytona Beach, Florida to the people who come out and help create the positive vibe at System.)
Purely Sexy People
Wikkid vibes.

117 Peter Street
Downtown Toronto.
416.408.3996 phone

*A Note to all Up n Coming DJs and MCs:

If you are interested in getting an opportunity to play a slot at an upcoming Body Roc night, please forward all demo's (preferably on CD) to:

Empire Productions Co.
104-1920 Ellesmere Rd.
Suite 233
Toronto, Ontario
M1H 3G1

The BODY ROC family is looking forward to seeing everyone out in full force and ready to party on TUESDAY MAY 7th 2002 inside the beautiful SYSTEM SOUNDBAR.


If you are that hard up for cash and can't afford the $3 cover, then keep your eyes open for the Black and Red, BODY ROC FREE PASSES floating around the streets of Toronto... or just pick some up from SYSTEM SOUNDBAR!