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Bobby Lawn - "Basketball Retirees" mix - Haus musik

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
Back again...

This time I used a laptop to play some promo MP3s alongside some trusted vinyl

Download link in the comments on the Mixcloud page

Jane Grey’s thought of the day
Alma Negra - Haleto Lale Lalo
Jack Frost - Clap Me
Bellaire - Paris City Jazz
Members of the House - Party of the Year (TPs underground mix)
Kornel Kovacs - Metropolis
Sound Stream - Soul Train
Alma Negra - Tribal Echoes
Nick Holder - Da Sambafrique
Uniile - You Got The Funk
DJ Sneak - All Over My Face
The Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep
Moodymann - Black Sunday
DJ6000 - Burning
Daphni - Xing Tian
Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers - Hi Life
J Dilla - untitled

And if you're still reading, I left some easter eggs in my previous mix thread...
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