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Bob Marley Exodus Tribute


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What a great show. You know there's nothing like a night of good reggae...

We got to the Pheonix at around 10pm (of course we had to be prepared and smoke big dubers before going to the club) after getting everyone together and finding a last minute person to take an extra ticket we happened to have. It was great, there was no line up at all... perfect cos it was freezing last night.

Band came on around 10.30 and right off they played the album from cover to cover plus they threw in a few extras. So good to hear live reggae, and they kept it really funky which just made it so much better. Ended off the night with Redemption Song... aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh swooooooooooooooooooon, such a lovely song! The band got the crowd singing with them... it was a lot of fun... good times were had by all.

Encore was Buffalo Soldier....

Did anyone else happen to check this out last night?

Anyone who went notice the hot guy on bass? Lol...
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