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Boat Cruise Sunday May 19th, special guest dj MAX GRAHAM!!!

Special K

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The boat cruise season has finally arrived.

Eddy K is throwing this one, I dont know how much tix are YET but they will probably be around 30 dollars are so. More info to come...and oh yea the cruise takes place during the day. From around 12-5

I Cant wait!!!

It will be a good pre-party for GUV that night with Seaman, Maas, Slacker, Green Velvet etc etc...
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Metal Morphosis

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where did you get that info?
on his (max's) site it says he's playing swirl that night in Montreal.

i mean, i know he could potentially be playing both since the boat cruise is early, but i don't believe anything until i see it on max's site.

Special K

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uh oh maybe I should not have posted it if its not finalized yet...BUT i heard it from a VERY RELIABLE source who is "in the know"
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Sounds like this is more than feasible.

Max plays the boat .. and then swirl early morning set. That's almost enough time for him to ride the unicycle to Montreal.


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^ well he played both on NYE....and Timo played at the Guv then went to Montreal for an early morning set once last fall....cetainly wouldn't be the first time someone played them both