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Boa's last weekend


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Originally posted by NCR
I'm sure you'll come up with something equally lame......if not lamer(<-----------is that even a word?)

kidding :p
you lurved that name, especially loved screaming it.

Let me know when you are heading down there. You know how to contact me :p


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Originally posted by sugar
Well, I'm glad I was already planning to be there for Saturday night. I only went twice, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. I like the layout a lot. Miguel Migs was fucking amazing. That night was just really good all around.

I can't bring myself to go to System or the Guvernment anymore, and Roxy Blu is closed. I hope Boa finds a new home soon :)
More incentive for me to go to this tmr night as well.

YAY.. dinner date with Sug's and then DANCING!

Will it be a tribal night?


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No fucken way dude, I just got goose pumbs hearing about this. Sad moment indeed. Well looks like I'll be heading there this weekend.

AHHHHHH :mad: ,why does all the good shit close in T.O., element bar, industry, now BOA..

FUCK ALL you wanna close BOA people :p
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just gave the mixes on his site a quick skim though, could def close Boa to a set like that.

not much for @ home listening, but on Boa's system it'd be sweet.

time to juggle my plans.


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Tedd Patterson:

As a DJ, producer and remixer, Tedd Patterson has established himself as a leading talent on the international dance music scene. He has become renowned for a signature sound that incorporates an entoxicating blend of contemporary and classic dance music styles. Thousands of fans worldwide have been seduced by his wickedly innovative sets that combine driving percussive beats and deep techno textures with throbbing progressive house, soaring Afro-Latin grooves and the ocasional classic reflecting a diverse array of influences.

From his legendary sets for Italy's Angels of Love to his eagerly anticipated sets at the WMC's seminal Magic Sessions (along with house music veterans Louie Vega and Tony Humphries), Tedd has earned a reputation for delivering unpredictable, adventurous, and wildly infectious rythms on the dancefloor. Weather headlining with Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, or Tom Stephan or manning the decks along side Steve Lawler or Chus and Ceballos, Tedd consistently crafts intense varied grooves that have made him a favorite in danceclubs around the world.

During the early '80's he moved to Atlanta and began experimenting with alternative and left-field styles of dance music. He played at several notorious underground haunts frequented by friends / soon-to-be famous club personalities Larry T., Lady Bunny and RuPaul. In 1985, he was granted the coveted (and much deserved) position as a Billboard reporting DJ, validating his hard work and growing success. But when he discovered the burgeoning "house music" sounds emenating from New York and Chicago, his career took off. Tedd launched a weekly residency dedicated to house music at Atlanta's legendary club Colorbx and he quickly found himself playing to capacity crowds. His parties not only attracted the city's most dedicated musi lovers, soon industry execs form up and down the east coast were in attendance.

In the early 90's the groundbreaking dance label Emotive Recors lured Tedd to move to New York to head their A and R division, where he used his expert ear to identify new talent and emerging trends. After signing some of the labels top artists and masterminding the label's Future Sound Of New York project, he rapidly established himself as a leader in the next generatoin of house music DJs, followin gin the footsteps of legends like David Morales, Tony Humphries, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles and Junior Vasquez. A series of guest DJ spots followed and Tedd was soon honing his skills behind the decks with steady gigs at trendy New York hotspots like Club USA, Save the Robts, Crowbar and Sugar Babies.

Soon Tedd found himself heading up the A and R and promotions department for the newly established Liquid Groove imprint. Under his guidance, the label catapulted into the international spotlight. The global success of these labels helped to create a turning point in house music, as well as, in Tedd's career. Tedd established relationships with an amalgam of influential club Djs, radio jocks and venues across the globe. It was only a matter of time before the fledgling New York DJ was offered regular spots at some of the most prominent clubs in Europe including London's Ministry Of Sound and Pacha in Ibiza.

My sets have always been about fusion, Tedd explains. I'm not an old school, classics or gospel house DJ, I'm adventurous, and my musical repetoire is very diverse. I like the soul that exists in a vaiety of musical forms. What appeals to me most is the fusion and contrast, that's most obvious in how I program my sets. I'm not afraid to take a chance and that has become my signature" and that works for me.

When he's not playing sets in North America, Europe or Asia, Tedd works his magic in the studio. His first production, "Welcome to the Magic Session" (Strictly Rythm) was an instant underground classic. His follow-up productions including "Roots" (Black Vinyl), "Magnifique" (Fluential), "Big Room Drama" (a collaberation with Pete Heller released on the Junior imprint) and, most recently, "In Stereo" (produced with Iberican heavyweights Chus and Ceballos on the Stereo Records label) have received praise on both sides of the Atlantic. As a budding remixer, Tedd has delivered "crate essential" reconstructions for Lydia Rhodes' "Dreams" (Bristol Music / Stictly Rhythm), DJ Spen "The Beat Goes ON" (Black Vinyl), Black Science Orchestra's classic "Where Were You" (Junior) and, most recently, E-man's "Slangin" (Jellybean Recordings).

Whether on Vinyl or in person, Tedd Patterson's sound continues to raise the bar for dance music worldwide. In 2003 he launched his own record label, Vibal, and a residency at New York's premier venue Cielo under the same name. Tedd continues to bring house into the 21st century with with all the flavor and intensity of its varied past.


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Originally posted by I_bRAD
I think you should move into 99
that would be awesome...it would be like a 5 second crawl for me to get home.

well this sucks, i loved boa, and i loved the venue, even with the wierd stairs! :(


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Frig. This sucks big time. I finally try to get back into the swing of things, find a good place to go, and it fucking closes. :(
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tedd patterson will not be playing - i just got confirmation he cancelled

sean miller will be playing an extended set

we're gonna go out TO style


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Sean Miller closing?!

I couldn't ask for anything more. Sean has built something special with that dancefloor over the last 20 odd months.

I hope you join us all on the dancefloor for a f*ckin serious beat-down of a farewell!

Friday August 26


Jason Ulrich
Dirty Dale Arsenault
Tristan Robinson

It's been a memorable ride...!


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no tonight is jason/dirty/tristan (friday). sean is tomorrow (satruday) in lieu of tedd patterson.

WHOEVER IS GOING FRIDAY if you see me (red/burgundy dr. otis shirt) grab me... :D i'd like to meet some tribers for once.
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a sad day indeed

Just read this and it is so sad..

Love the space, the soundsystem, the friendly staff and must not forget the dj's - both the local residents and international dj's that I have heard play that venue.

Sorry that I won't be there this weekend - but know that I am thinking of the entire Boa crew and hoping that you all find a new venue soon.



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Re: a sad day indeed

Originally posted by Ilia
Just read this and it is so sad..

Love the space, the soundsystem, the friendly staff

Sorry that I won't be there this weekend - but know that I am thinking of the entire Boa crew and hoping that you all find a new venue soon.

Best way to put it.
Ditto for me.
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kids! they're not dead, just relocating. dry your tears - there is a santa claus, i mean, boa will be back.


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I'm very excited about tonight..... All the old school boa heads will be out for this final dance (in that space at least).

It's gonna be one for the books..... So many memories in that building, from playing on that sound system, to just straight up partying. I will truly miss that space and what it's added to my life.... I was very proud to be a resident there.

See all you bitches tonight.


Whoa... i just realized that the first time i ever spun there was on my birthday last year... kinda weird that it's closing on my birthday this year....
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docta seuss

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Originally posted by deevah
what about the space in chinatown where tropicana use to be? I remember that being a nice size.
yeah, but i don't think they're going for the three-story thing..

it was a nice venue, but threw some of the worst parties.. or rather had some of the worst promotion.

Aussie Paul

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I had 2 homes in Toronto. One where I slept, the other was Boa. I can not say enough fantastic things about Boa, all aspects of the venue, the talent and the people I had the pleasure of partying with course the people behind it.

My very best wishes to finding a new venue and I hope that ALL that Boa stood for will once again show Toronto how to party.