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BOA and all that came - thank you


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I have been meaning to post something about this since I got back but have been waiting for confirmation of my registration to get through.

Feb 7th a few weeks back as you know saw my debut gig in Toronto and at Boa. While very much looking forward to the night and playing, I also realised that with my good friend Hernan Cattaneo also playing that night at Guvernment that numbers may be low. Either way I knew i was going to have a blast.

So it was to my pleasant suprise that when I entered the club shortly before 3am, I found the club to look very busy and in general what impressed me most was the crowd in there. An excellent mixture of gay, straight, women all dancing their assess off.
As for the club itself, I was mightily impressed when Carey from the club (a true gent :) ) showed me round earlier that evening and gave me or should I say Ronnie the owner giving us all a sneak preview of the monster beneath the speaker cabinets :eek:

First off big props to Sean Miller whose warm up set was excellent and wound things down brilliantly for me to come on. The first 30 odd minutes was awkwards with the mixing. The delay from the booth to the headphones was way off and consequently the mixing was way off which I do apologise for. For the life of me I couldn't work out why or what was going wrong but much respect to Sean and the sound engineer who quickly fixed the problem up and from 4am, the problem had been fixed and I felt much more comfortable with everything.....

I cannot thank enough for everyobdy who turned up to show their support and more importantly let themselves go and strutt their stuff on the floor. It was one of the most rewarding and best sets I have played and with the party going on as late as it did till 10.30am I couldn't resist and ended up busting a few moves myself towards the end to Joyce Sims, Love Sensationa and Promised Land...how could you not :)

So just to re-cap before I bore you all to death, a massive massive thank you to Boa and for everybody with their well wishes and kind words they truly mean the world to me.....details of a new bi-monthly residency are tbc shortly ;) with the opportunity of me able to host Deeper Substance which is the monthly event I run in London...banners, production the lot and am grateful for the support by all the people at Boa for this.....

Love and respect





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No, thank YOU.....!!!

Definitely my best night at Boa so far.... I was there dansing my feet off til the lights came on at 10:30.

Congrats on your newest residency.


p.s. see you in Miami! :cool:

Par- T

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Thank you Demi for an amazing night (& morning), you did a fantastic job of keeping us all dancing and me going literally 'till I dropped!
It is great to see a DJ having as much fun (if not more) than those of us on the dance floor, keep up the good work.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you do your stuff again real soon.

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now just Sian, she is doing very well and we are still together though not doing the night together anymore - she has pursued solo projects and she is very busy with her dayjob as well .....doing the PR for Budweiser is keeping her on her toes but she is well and hopefully I will be able to bring her to one of the dates this year at Boa and meet all you nutty lot

Par'T: I WILL BE BACK ;)...watch this space......