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Blue Jays Home Opener!


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So, who's going? What seats ya got? I'll be lurking in the 500's... for a bit:cool:
Anyone hitting Steam Whistle b4 hand? I'll be the only Twins fan in town!
I'm looking foward to the man Johan throwing 15+ K's while tossing 8 scoreless! It don't get better than that!
A friend has a couple of 500's for like, $6, PM if intrested.
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Halladay vs. Santana!!

Sittin' in the rowdy 500's I believe...should be wicked to see the 'Dome' sold out.
Prediction: Jays 2 - Twins 1. Halladay goes 8 innings of 4 hit ball, BJ Ryan in for the save. Santana has 9 K but once again can't pull it off against the Jays.


Man I've been looking forward to this season so much...best team we've had in over a dozen years.


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It'll be a quick game with the #1 and #2 pitchers in the AL going to battle! It'll be tough to judge how much time I can spend gettin' Steamed! Ummm beer 'n peanuts... drool!


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I'm not sure if it's sold out, but if it is, they are running the same $2 general admin. promo they had last season.:eek: you can only get them that day. I think I'm letting the cat out of the bag on this one. meh.
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