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Blu-Ray Movies

Blue Meanies

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How much are blue-ray movie discs?

I have my entire HD movie collection on a hard drive which is connected directly to my tv.

Was going to pickup a ps3 for games and movies but its so nice not having to swap discs.


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It's been dead in here! Anyways just picked up Minority Report and Avatar. Both were released this week and have gotten amazing reviews for picture and sound. I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Not surprisingly, Avatar's been designated the be all, and end all, of demo material.


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Yeah I guess I should have posted the Avatar bluray info in this thread instead of the Avatar thread in the main section. Anyways, they say this movie takes up the entire disc (46GB) and has an average bitrate of mid to high 30s which is normally unheard of.

Now to decide whether to get this version or the one coming out in November....



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one of the best audio presentations on any BD ever. amazing picture as well

the BD is the directors cut, which gets a little sluggish in places, but the quality of the presentation is 2nd to none


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George Lucas announces Star Wars Blu-ray release, reveals Return Of The Jedi deleted scene

We spent the weekend debating the merits of Gary Kurtz’s proposed bummer of an ending to Return Of The Jedi versus George Lucas’ desire to sell some plush dolls, but there’s one thing upon which all Star Wars fans can surely agree: The vastly superior “special edition” version of the original trilogy, with all its crucial CGI Dewbacks and “Greedo shot first” improvements to the characterization, is the only version worth owning—so fortunately that’s just what you’ll get on the Blu-ray release of the franchise in fall 2011. Lucas made the announcement at this year’s blessedly David Prowse-free Celebration V, saying that the set would include all six of the Star Wars films with remastered digital derpty durrrr etc., plus some bonus footage.

You can get your first glimpse of that bonus footage here: A deleted scene intended as the original opening of ROTJ, where Luke Skywalker constructs his new lightsaber while his dad stands outside the bedroom door of his mind and gets all up in his business. Watch it quickly before Lucasfilm finds out.

George Lucas announces Star Wars Blu-ray release, reveals Return Of The Jedi deleted scene | Film | Newswire | The A.V. Club


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Hah, no kidding. Episode 1 is NOT included in my DVD set.

I'll Jedi mind-trick my PS3 when I fire the BD up. This isn't the episode you're looking for...