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Bloody Valentine =---= D.D.R. $ Sarah Fab

Stephen Tremor

TRIBE Member
Talk about a good time! K-town peeps all over the place! Sweet choons by D.D.R. and all the rest! Great to hang with Christian (kool) and the gang again. Apart from earlier sound issues and decent night all around!
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it was a pleasure having you guys out..(*especially Britney..wink wink*))

the party was a great success...everyone enjoyed themselves and all the dj's performed amazingly.. especially DDR !!

Even L-Trains 6 record set was probably one of the best sets all night.. soo technical that guy...

anyways..thanks everyone who came out and made it a great night for all of us.


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fuckin amazing time! thank you to christian and the other guys keeping raves alive. man... it was so good last night.

loved the bar all night *wink wink* great venue.

<-- shannon AKA Chiclet's Dj Ho


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I had an amazing time. A little disappointed by the venue, I thought it was going to be a bit bigger. And the walk down the icey ally at 6:30 AM was crazy!
Sarah Fab was awesome, first time seeing her, and it was a total treat.
D.D.R, was really cool, had never seen live PA before, and I couldn't stop myself from standing in front and watching.
All in all a good night.

2 The Beat

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I loved the venue. Nice to see a room that reminds you of how things used to/can be. Great music the entire time I was there and lots of good people around. Cheers for another good event!
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Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
Arrived @ 4:15am with Catharine and Jeff and slid down the alley way to the gated entrance. It was locked already so some dude jumped over in his sock feet and opened the gat up for us. This was very reminiscent of an OLD party. After sorting out who we were, we headed down into the party. Sarah Fab was just finishing up as we strolled to the front of the room. The turn out was good. Lots of people dancing and hovering around the BAR. It was really funny when Christian got on the MIC and announced "Last call at the bar" @ 5:30am. (Doug you would have been in heaven :)) Anyways, DDR stepped up and delivered an awesome live PA. Similar to his live PA @ RTTU 5, nice builds, driving, pounding bass, acidic stabs. He was right into it. (Very nice to see). Lots of hooting and hollering. At 5:30am I kept the energy in the same vein, bangin' out the techno unitl just after 6 am. I had a good time for the short time I was there. Good job people.


ebin stylez

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was taken a back to the old skool!
D.D.R. rocked da house! I was surprised that there wasn't a little more of a turn out...but, the vibe was friendly. A lot of people working the mingle to some really good beats! Yay blooooooody valentine!