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bloody *#$%&!* messenger


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is anyone else having problems with messenger? i was on this evening, everything was working fine and then a lil pop up window came up saying that there was a new version to install. i installed it and as soon as it rebooted, i could not log back on. an error message pops up saying that there has been a problem with the service or with my internet connection. everything else is working fine for me and no one on my icq list is having problems with it. i've tried re-installing it, logging on again and again and again but nothing is working.



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Mine is screwed big time.... I keep having this "offline" window appearing everytime I start this new msn version.
And it slows down my comp big time, too.

Anyone have the old version I can d/l?
Or links to where I can get the old version?
I searched everywhere but couldn't find any....


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natalie what's your MSN name thingie? You're never on ICQ anymore.

And while we're on the topic of complaining, why the hell does ICQ have to take 16 megs of RAM just so it can sit there in the corner and do nothing?

Jeremy Jive

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If anyone has Messenger feel free to add me to your list. If you would like. I promise to entertain.

jeremy - dj_jeremy@hotmail.com - jive
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Mine won't work at work anymore.
Yahoo still works most of the time though.
So I'm not sure if it is a firewall thing or not.
It keeps logging me in and out in and out.
bloody hell!


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i hate messanger..i have drawn the conclusion it's nothing but a big virus. it always does the "llegal operation will shut down thing" and crashes my computer.


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The other option is to completely remove messenger from your computer and use something else. Messenger sucks and it isn't worth the grief.
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i've been using icq for like 6 years. messenger was new and strange but i got to a point where i had finally grown used to it. plus there are a lot of relatives who i can speak thru using messenger since they don't have icq. i'm going to try a few things tonight and if i have any luck, i'll let the rest of you know.