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Bloody Hell Murdoch!


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I started watching the Murdoch Mysteries purely by chance and I am hooked. The plots as good as anything on TV right now, the characters are really quirky, and I love trying to guess where the shoot locations are in Toronto... I suspect High Park, The Don Valley and The Island, although I can't figure out where a lot of the downtown urban scenes are shot.

Also seeing a lot of my actor friends playing bit parts in as well.

The geeky period technology, and the random science fiction thoughts of Constable George Crabtree are totally awesome - the dude often starts out discussing a perfectly plausible idea and then veers of into to bizarre science fiction by the end of the sentence.

The only think that puzzles me is why Detective Murdoch wears guyliner, but maybe that is another Murdoch mystery.

Anyway, worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.
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Really good series.

The Distillery District is a frequent location and I'm sure they've used the Brickworks at least once.


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I too have enjoyed the series although it can relay too heavily on formula at times... and the romance is seriously beating a dead horse. The books the series is based on are very well written and I've enjoyed them even more than the show. Murdoch is less of a superhuman genius and more of a fully drawn character with a lot of religious angst in them. Turn of the century Toronto is front and center in the books as well, which I just love.
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I don't seek it out but if I come across one that's just starting I always find myself watching it.

It's very well done.

And the conservative hated CBC saving it from cancellation was a brilliant move on their part because it's Stephen Harper's favourite show and he's forced to watch the network he'd like to see destroyed.