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Blood Oranges


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I was introduced to the "blood orange" in the leading footage that begins every "Dexter" episode. It made me kind of curious.

My local grocery store recently had a sale on blood oranges, which, I had never noticed before, I guess. They marketed the fruit with a similar image as the intro to Dexter.

So I bought a wack. "Wack" being an official term for 12. Otherwise known as a "dozen".

Each morning I put one blood orange into my bag which I use to carry my lunch to work.

So on the Monday, which is the first day I work after grocery shopping, I unpeeled the blood orange.

I was quite looking forward to lunch that day, strikingly, the only thing to which I could look forward on a Monday.

I found the... "skin"?... "rind"?... rather thin, compared to a normal, orange orange. And it had blemishes of red about it. Nonetheless it was peeled completely, and I continued to eat it.

The fruit itself was mostly orange, as a normal orange would be. So I was somewhat disappointed. I suppose I was expecting a reddish bleeding mass, like a cow's heart or, well, what they show on Dexter and Zehr's marketing.

Upon dissecting the orange I noticed striking veins of red, backgrounded by orange.

"AHA!" I thought. This is what makes a blood orange, a blood orange.

Perhaps if I let them ripen longer then more veins would be pigmented thusly.

And so, I proceeded to peel each lobe and eat it. I noticed a more distinctly pronounced "tangy" taste, as if more ascorbic or citric acid were present. I also noticed the distinct lack of seeds. How do they reproduce this fruit?

Quite acidic but also very sweet, a few coworkers commented that it was "gross".

I have enough for another week and I will buy them again.



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I recall in elementary school, one kid would use the end of the straw from his juice-box as a scalpel and slit the orange segment and turn it inside out. Your story reminded me of this.
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Well it has now been a second Monday since I bought the blood oranges.

Maybe the first five were just not as bloody as usual, but today's was a distinct crimson red.

Oh I got a little thrill when I peeled it and I could see it was red inside. And it still tasted great, red or not. Even the juice was red.