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Bloc Party and BSS on Olympic Island


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Great times, despite the price gouging for beer (and tickets!).

The island atmosphere played a huge role in making this jam what it was. More concerts in parks!

No complaints, music-wise. I had lots of fun.
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what an absolutely perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon!

it was rather hectic getting on the ferry, however, once we were on the island it was a-ok. i couldn't ask for better weather!

we treated this as a big afternoon picnic, rather than a concert, and stayed parked on our blanket for almost the entire time we were there, just relaxing and soaking up the sun. won.der.ful.

unfortunately, we had to leave shortly into BSS's set, but the ride back to the mainland was quick and painless.

olympic island is such a beautiful venue for concerts. for certain i will be returning in the future!


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They were good, but they played some songs twice, which was weird. I missed "So Here We Are" BOTH times they played it, while I was in the washroom. It sucks, but they did play new tracks on their upcoming album. I really enjoyed them live.

But J. Mascis was really good!! It was worth the ticket price and ferry b.s. to see him.
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Had a great time at the concert.....weather was great...the music was amazing - made for a nice soundtrack to all the great conversations on the grass. Spent almost all of the time in the beer garden, which was complete chaos.

A five minute trip to the washroom, would turn into a half hour line up to get back in. You think they'd put the port-a-potties inside the beer garden if it was going to be that much of a hassle to go in and out....

Oh well, that was my only real complaint. Left halfway through BSS's set after a full and fun day in the sun!

p.s. Feist looked completely hot in her wife-beater and hat
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it was ok, we sat on the grass and chatted mostly

sitting so far back makes you very disconnected from the actual concert unfortunately

i don't think i'll be paying $50 for another concert anytime soon


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I had a good time, not really my bag of music as I was going cuz many groups of friends went and I could hang out with all of them at the same time.........I have actually not even heard of any songs from the bands that played so I was pretty much being exposed to the music for the first time.........it seemed like a cross between hippie rock and alt. rock.......which is okay i guess..........feist was good, a little mellow for a mid afternoon concert........block party was really good, I think i can really get into their music tho the lead singer's voice can get monotonous after a while......and BSS was okay, i dont like their sound much and we left half way through their set to beat teh crowds to the ferries..........all in all, beautiful weather, pretty calm crowd, enough beer to go around and good music........twas a nice day =)
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Feist was great.....Although she kept saying "you guys don't seem like you're at a concert!"....And the whole time I'm thinking "I love your music and all, but did you expect that people would be moshing to your set?"

Bloc Party was awesome! Their timing was off a little bit, and you could tell whenever they had a brief pause in the song, they came back in way too fast....But it was great. Their new tracks sounded great.

I'm not a big fan of BSS, but I stuck around for the first half hour of their set. I would have stayed longer, but my legs were toast by that time, and I was hungry as hell.....And waiting 2 hours for a $5 burger didn't cut it for me.

Speaking of which....There was some rowdy shit going on.....Like people trying to steal burgers and getting chased by security. Some guy ran towards the BBQ area full tilt, and then tried to slide under the table, only to smack his head on it.....I had several people step on my foot, look at it in a stupor, and then look at me, only to walk away without saying anything.

All in all, it was a good day/night.


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Sat in front of the sound tent the whole day, perfect spot.
Shade, sound tuned to the sound guy and a fence to lean/sit on at times.

J Mascis is superb although we missed all but the last song and then left just before he came on with BSS, F#$*! I will definitely have to check him out when he comes back 'round these parts.

Feist was pretty fab, Bloc Party were so so, and I definitely enjoyed what I heard of BSS.

The outdoor thing was cool.

Didn't spend a cent on any of the concession crap thankfully.

Big thanks to the Emerge boys. Thanks Adam, it was awesome seeing you're promo ass again stranger and a pleasure meeting Ewan [sp?].
Big thanks to my buddy Charles for letting me drag him along.

MG out.
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Aerius Zension

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Mr_Furious said:
Bloc Party was awesome! Their timing was off a little bit, and you could tell whenever they had a brief pause in the song, they came back in way too fast....But it was great. Their new tracks sounded great.

I saw them at The Docks when they came last. I think their drummer is great, but tries to put too much into drumming, which causes him to lose time.