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Holy Fuck.

What a storm here in the East.

45 cm of snow and 70 mile an hour winds. You can see a thing outside. At least I got to leave work early today, although I almost crashed on my way home. I hope this isn't headed to Toronto.
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City of Toronto
7:03 PM EST Saturday 15 December 2007
Winter storm warning for
City of Toronto continued

A near-crippling snow storm with heavy snow and blowing snow as well as some ice pellets tonight and Sunday.

This is a warning that dangerous winter weather conditions are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

A massive winter storm is about to strike much of southern and eastern Ontario with near record snowfall amounts. Latest analyses indicates that the developing low pressure system is moving across western Kentucky preceeded by a burgeoning area of moderate snow with some freezing precipitation extending north to Lake Erie.

The low will move northeast towards the lower Great Lakes and intensify rapidly as it reaches Ohio Sunday morning then track across New York state into New England Sunday night. This storm track will place much of southern and eastern Ontario directly under the brunt of heavy snow. A few claps of thunder along with bursts of very heavy snow are also likely.

The brunt of the main snow event will begin this evening in the southwest and rapidly envelop all regions east to Ottawa in the overnight hours. Copious amounts of snow as well as strong winds causing blowing snow are expected. Freezing rain is also possible near Lake Erie.

Widespread snowfall accumulations of 20 to 30 cm are expected in most areas tonight and Sunday. Some local amounts of 40 cm or more are quite likely in a few areas by Sunday night..Especially from the west end of Lake Ontario and eastwards into far eastern Ontario.

Significant blowing snow is expected to accompany the heavy snow due to strong northeast winds gusting to 60 km/h whipping up the freshly fallen snow and causing whiteout conditions. In addition freezing rain is possible especially near Lake Erie for a few hours overnight and Sunday morning as milder air pays a brief visit aloft. Ice pellets are also quite possible generally along and south of a line from Grand Bend to near Toronto and east to Cornwall.

The public should be prepared to change plans accordingly to avoid unnecessary travel during this storm. This massive snow storm has the potential to cause near-paralyzing conditions as road travel on any unplowed streets may become next to impossible on Sunday. All motorists who must travel are urgently advised to use extreme caution and plan for much extra time to reach their destination.

There is a high degree of certainty with this storm as the concensus of weather model data is virtually unanimously forecasting this event.


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I'm loving it. All cold & snowy outside and I'm bundled up and cuddled with the pooch for the night.

I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow. Riley is going to go insane. He loves playing in the snow.


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the wind has been terrible in the west end, and we have a bit of snow. i keep thinking that Buster may fly off the balcony! :(

also, why does it storm when you have ladies coming over? boourns.
safety first!
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It is clear in Vaughan. Maybe 5cm fell in the late afternoon, but stopped snowing at about 6.

Actually quite nice outside now.


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windy like mad, don't think there's that much snow falling; only one option: go find a good little place to get warm dancing :)
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My favourite – the wind @ nite.



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The first major system is skirting below us, heading northeast. We probably will get some of it, but take a bigger hit from the second wave that's over Michigan and coming our way.
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Um...Im flying home for christmas today from Ireland. Supposed to land at 3pm....I wonder if we'll get divereted or crash.

oh fuck fuck fuck I hate flying at the best of times!


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Kiera said:
Um...Im flying home for christmas today from Ireland. Supposed to land at 3pm....I wonder if we'll get divereted or crash.

oh fuck fuck fuck I hate flying at the best of times!
Call the airline before you head to the airport, I'm looking on the GTAA site and it looks like a lot of flights in/out of Toronto are being cancelled.


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near-crippling and near-paralyzing are being used to describe a winter storm?

Does this mean you lose the use of only one limb and still have feeling in most of your body??
I have to believe all these meteorologists and other scientists could have used better descriptive words here to help the public relate to the event. What percentage of people have any idea of crippling or paralysis to base this on?
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Ice pellets , wind out of north-east , and wicked wind chill here in Kingston . maybe 5 centimeters of snow from say midnite till now - but wind has pushed it all over .

9:25 am now ---- weatherdude says this afternoonn into evening will be good for 10-15 centimeters .

another code red high alert head for the basement and fuck all happens sort of storm .
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