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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Isaac S, Aug 24, 2001.

  1. Isaac S

    Isaac S TRIBE Member

    That was a fun night to wrap up the summer series... or should I say good ol' Deko-ze.

    Guy never stops bobbing and ya gotta love the little giggle squeals he lets out every so often! You're too much Deko-"Remo"-Ze!

    I'm sure some of the many pics people were taking will show up to really show the action.

    Wish I got there earlier, gonna miss the Patio this coming winter...
  2. Nub!

    Nub! TRIBE Member

    Kinda wish I brought my camera, but I don't have a flash... Had I known it was going to be so well let!

    Fun times by all [​IMG]
  3. T_Dot_House

    T_Dot_House TRIBE Member


    I gotta say I definetly had a great time last nite on the patio and the final installment of Blista for 2001! Very friendly atmosphere, nice weather and great tunes! Great to have a chance to talk to everybody! What a way to end off the summer! [​IMG]
    I'm going to miss the patio too. [​IMG] (Especially checkin' out people gettin' it on the their car, eh Isaac! [​IMG] )
    But...I can't wait for the month of September.. I'm gonna live in the Purple Room on Saturdays!! Awesome line-up! [​IMG]


    Sean B [​IMG]
  4. Isaac S

    Isaac S TRIBE Member

    Haha... Sean I think somethings in the air... just 5 days prior I saw the samething in Calgary in plain view. Gotta get a digital camera and join the realm of the Internet! [​IMG]

    Car $25,000
    Parking Spot $10
    Picture on the Internet...
  5. Wave

    Wave TRIBE Member

    The crew that came from T.O. had a great time as always. The same vibe upstairs as we usually find in the Purple Room. Sweet. Particularly amused / frightened by the E.C. girls screaming at the increasingly undressed Deko-ze. Good times.

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