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Blink 182?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I went , and photgraphed it....

let me tell you, Im not scared of many things in this life, but groups of13 year old screaming girls scare the crap outta me, and there were a tone of them.

I did only stick around for 5 or 6 songs and it was pretty good, beside the fact that buddy ( I think it was Mark?) in the band spat on me twice. The crowd was definatley pumped, havent really seen one go off like that in a while.

I shot them when the played with Green Day aswell, this show was much better, I think it was a combination the new songs and smaller venue.

I'll post pics in the morning.


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But why did you only stay for a quarter of there set
Fuck man I would have sacrificed 10 of those 13 year olds to get in:D


Can't wait for the pics


j bunny 2000

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Fuck ....I wanted to go to this show so bad. I used to have the biggest crush on the lead singer Mark. When I was 15 I used to dream someday we would get together and we would snowboard off into the sunset. Man and you got spat on by him ,..:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: !!!


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Blink never fails to entertain....the friend who I went with knew the entire staff at the Phoenix, so we basically waltzed right into the place.

They made the 19+ area fairly large, which included not only the upstairs balcony, but about a 1/3 of the back of the floor....no really complaining, as that gave us old folks more room to move:p

Blink opened with what's my age again, and played a realy energetic set....I loved hearing "Feeling This" live, and of course, they closed out their 45 minute set with Dammit, which had everyone singing along.

Nice little show, and I look forward to seeing them next summer on their full tour.

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