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blind date

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I've never had an actual blind date (I've had an ALMOST blind date, but I had met him before and talked with him for about 5-10 minutes). My cousin however had a real blind date wherein one of her friends set her up with this guy... It's been quite a number of years now (I'm thinking 7 or 8) and they are now married and have a little boy. Those two were made for each other.

So it does sometimes turn out well. :)


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Originally posted by kmac

PS: I think they should do an episode of Blind Date where someone gets to go out with Roger Lodge (i.e. ME)

That's really a blind date then, not a double blind at least.
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make sure you prearrange "the call"!

this is a phone call you'll receive about 45 mins into the date. if the date is going bad, it's your exit (family issue, house on fire, whatever). if the date is going well, you continue.

make sure you have the call set up, i can't stress this enough.

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Next time on Blind Date: He's a real gentleman who likes to party (clip: cause you know like...fuck... i dunno) and she's a conservative secretary who's recently moved to the city from the country (clip: I dunno... people are stupidly horny here)


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Originally posted by kmac
Relax. And even if it does crash and burn, think of the bright side. You'll have a funny story to post in the Nobody Cares thread for me to laugh at. :D

i can almost promise it


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I'm going on a blind date next week :)
(...well sortive a blind date- apparently I picked him up a few weeks ago at Insomnia but I have no recollection, but I'm guessing he's a hottie cuz I never approach guys!!:D)

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Originally posted by quantumize

yesterday i started getting a good feeling about it, because i trust my friend

Trust your friend and trust your instincts, if you got a good feeling go with it.

I've been on one, it was pleasant but no chemistry. If I were single I'd go on another. What do you have to lose?

Have fun!


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Happened twice, and both times I had already met her. First time it was a Mom set-up with a work colleague's daughter. Second time it was a double date. Second time was cool because this nice homely (sorta) girl had morphed into a 'ripper so there was lots of catching up to do.