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Bleep Radio #350 by Trevor Wilkes [Techno]


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Bleep Radio #350 by Trevor Wilkes
Mixed/Recorded/Live-streamed: April 7th, 2017
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes (Hamilton, ON)

Every Friday I stream a live show at 11:45am EST from Fun in the Murky HQ in Hamilton, ON. I've been doing this since 2004. The shows are mostly vinyl mixes, but I do break out a single CDJ when test-driving new tracks for release on the label. I bring in guests from all over, most of them being hardware live performances. Look for Paul Birken live from Hamilton very soon.

I had a guest in-house during the live broadcast of this particular show, but as there were some streaming host difficulties this week, nothing came of it unfortunately and he had to fly back to the UK the next morning.

1 - Christian Lisco "007" Komisch 18
2 - JoeFarr "Brace Brace" Onnset 8
3 - Mumdance & Logo "Move Your Body (Perc & Truss Mix)" Tectonic 97
4 - Oliver Roseman "Master Mason" Monomental 1
5 - Michael Forshaw "A Mild Stroke" Bonus Round 8
6 - Polaris "Arse Magic" Sonic Groove 9602
7 - Gene Hunt "Wet Dreams" Hybrid LP06
8 - Stickmen "XXX" Stickman 25
9 - Ansome "Penny & Pound (Paul Birken Mix)" Mord 10
10 - Gert P "Loopjongen" Earwiggle 16
11 - Paul Birken "Unknown" L'Hallucidite 5
12 - Kalla "Slippers On The Dancefloor" DABJ 1224
13 - Special Request "Untitled" Special Request 3
14 - Luca Lozano "End Of Line" Super Rhythm Trax 8
15 - Special Request "Redrum" Houndstooth 73

Download or visit www.bleepradio.ca for more information or access to more options (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis, Youtube, Dailymotion, Podcast, etc)
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