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Bleep Radio #349 by Trevor Wilkes [Acid]


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Bleep Radio #349 by Trevor Wilkes
Mixed/Recorded/Live-streamed: March 3rd, 2017
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes (Hamilton, ON)

Every Friday I stream a live show at 11:45am EST from Fun in the Murky HQ in Hamilton, ON. I've been doing this since 2004. The shows are mostly vinyl mixes, but I do break out a single CDJ when test-driving new tracks for release on the label. I bring in guests from all over, most of them being hardware live performances. Look for Paul Birken live from Hamilton very soon.

This particular mix was record on March 3rd, which of course is 303 day. That demanded I dig out some Acid records both new and old and celebrate. Over 25 years worth of Acid house and Techno are represented below. Give it a whirl and let me know what part you liked this best.

01 - Essit Musique "Essit Musique" ACIIIEEED! 4
02 - Bam Bam "Fantasia" D'Fusion 5
03 - BLD "Nacre + Gold" BLD Tape 1
04 - Acid Jesus "Move My Body" Klang Elektronik 1
05 - Peter Black "How Far I Go" Westside Records
06 - Steve Poindexter "Maniac" Trax R11
07 - Paranoid London "Paris Dub" Paranoid London 4
08 - Unknown "Untitled" Digwah 2
09 - Calisto "Get House" Definitive 35
10 - Damien Donato "Life Support System" Music Man 9305
11 - Ides "Untitled #1" AFU 2
12 - Jerome Hill "Paper Bag Acid" Super Rhythm Trax 2
13 - JoeFarr "Rolling & Thatching" Bloc 3
14 - Aldo Bender "Enlightenment" React
15 - Circuit Breaker "Creator" Probe 30
16 - Edge Of Motion "Open Circuit 1" Djax 135

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