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Bleep Radio #345 w/ Trevor Wilkes [Acid, Techno, Electro, Etc...]


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January 22nd, 2017
MIXED BY: Trevor Wilkes (bleep@isoprax.com | Hamilton, ON)


Bleep Radio is a vinyl format DJ show airing once per week on Fridays at 11:45am EST (-5 GMT). It's hosted by Trevor Wilkes from Fun in the Murky HQ just outside of Toronto on Hamilton's mountain. Since 2004 these live-streams and their periodic archives have covered a wealth of Techno, House and Electro of particular shades; if you like to dance, you may like to Bleep.

This particular show was a Sunday morning live-stream of (mostly) records taken from a box that arrived on Friday (75/25 split of new and old). It was an enjoyable assortment of Acid, Chicagoan House, Oddball Techno, Breaks, and Electro. I wanted to listen to it again so I Bleeped it.

01 - Posthuman "It's a House Thing" Balkan Vinyl
02 - Unknown "Unknown" Digwah 2
03 - BLD "Nacre + Gold" BLD Tape 1
04 - Sisy Ey "Neville Watson Do It Good" Mr. Intl 12
05 - Choirboy "Full Effect" Rough Grade 1
06 - Unknown Entity "Peripheral Visions (Lag Mix)" Unknown Entity 3
07 - Scalameriya "Straga" Genesa 8
08 - Envoy "Dark Manoeuvres (Dax J Mix)" Soma 474
09 - Wirrwarr "Void in the C-Stem (VSK Mix)" Nachtstrom Schallplatten 140
10 - Neil Landstrumm "Missing You" Mord 35
11 - 100hz "New Spoon" Slowlife 9
12 - The Deepshakerz "Journey Into Sound" Safe Music 50
13 - Ovidi Adlert "Night Invaders" Material x20
14 - Choirboy "Lights Down" Rough Grade 1
15 - Kamikaze Space Programme "Clapper" Trust 24
16 - JoeFarr "Spectate" Leisure System 18
17 - Bill Stacey "Stage 12" Prophet 1


There are audio and video streaming options available as this was a video live-stream. There are also options for Google Play and iTunes Podcasts. All of that is available at www.bleepradio.ca
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