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Bleep Radio #324 by Doublethink [live Techno]


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Bleep Radio # 324
live-streamed on: February 5th, 2016 @ Noon EST.
Played by: Doublethink (Hamilton) https://soundcloud.com/double-think-1

I had a local duo join me in Fun in the Murky HQ for this episode of Bleep Radio. A hardware/software mix, while I tried to remember to man the cameras. It was a fun way to spend a part of an afternoon for sure. And the video portion of the archive has been getting a lot of replay. Solid Bleep Radio show.


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*live-performance - all material is Doublethink*


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hearthis.at (audio), or Mixcloud (audio), or in video format here: DailyMotion (video)

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More info about this live-stream archive and the next vinyl release @ FitM / Bleep Radio
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