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Bleep Radio #313 by Westside Wax


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Bleep Radio #313 is from a local fellow! The stream on Friday was very well received and I believe Mr. Westside Wax was very happy with its reception.

Video archive: no video archive for this show

This mix was originally live-streamed via Mixlr on Friday June 12th, 2015

Bigod 20 – Body To Body (An Afternoon Of Agression) - ZYX
400 Blows - Needle Time (Throwdown Mix) - Concrete Productions
Deekay Jones – New York, New York – Shaddock
DAF – Brothers (Robert Gabi’s Mix) – Illuminated
Roy Davis Jr. – Chemical Warfare – Jack For Daze
Richie Hawtin – Call It What You Want – Plus 8
Ghostek, Kommune1 - Power & Fame – Nicz
The Dirty Criminals – Jack Da Box – International Deejay Gigolos
Marquis Hawkes – Talkin’ Shit – Jack For Daze
T-Cut-F – House Reaction – Kool Kat
Kidz Of Tomorrow – Gwiz Theory – Blackwiz
Patrice Scott – 2000 Black – Sistrum
Steve Summers –New Surroundings – L.I.E.S.
Maetrik – Aggravate Me – Stil Vor Talent
Paul Johnson – It’s House! – Dust Traxx
Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Re-edit) – Paul Raymond
VernoN – Body Fluids – Night Gallery
Joshua Heath – Casafiesta – Dae
Beau Wanzer - Rhythm Track 46b – Nation
Ratchett Traxxx – Everydayofmylife - Ratchett Traxxx
WK7 - Do It Yourself (Original Mix) – Power House
Steve Summers – Make Your Move – Nation
Mix Masters – House Express - BCM


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