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Bleep Radio #300 Paul Birken, JoeFarr, and Trevor Wilkes [Techno]


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Bleep Radio #300 was yesterday. It was a 4+ hour stream on a Saturday evening, meant to be a night in. It turned out very well. With 226 people who tuned over the course of the stream and a max simultaneous group listening in of 156 it was quite the group of Techno enthusiasts.

It's been broken into 4 parts. Each part is roughly a 1 hour set. It's hot, it's heavy. It's the kind of Techno I like.

Part 1: Trevor Wilkes (Dj) Discogs | Soundcloud

Part 2: JoeFarr (Live) Discogs | Soundcloud

Part 3: Trevor Wilkes (Dj) Discogs | Soundcloud

Part 4: Paul Birken (Live) Discogs | Soundcloud

All sets were live. Nothing was pre-recorded.
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