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Bleep Radio #298 by Trevor Wilkes [Techno]


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Hello All!

The 298th archive of my live-stream 'net show is available for jamming into ear holes. As usual it's not the usual sort and it officially contains Suitably Unsuitable EP which has been months in the making.

Bleep Radio #298
Aired: Friday October 31st, 2014 via Mixlr www.mixlr.com/isoprax
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes [Hamilton, ON]

01 - Habits of Hate "Limelight Roles" Electronic Explorations 03
02 - Clouds "Consciousness" Turbo 129
03 - Clouds "Those Cracks In Your..." Turbo 138
04 - Clouds "Consciousness (Sunil Sharpe Remix)" Turbo 129
05 - Jerome Hill "Bully Beef" Super Rhythm Trax 002
06 - Cari Lekebusch "Drum and Noise Style" Hybrid 05
07 - Ben Pest "Massive Flounce" Fun in the Murky 002
08 - Neil Landstrumm "Pussy Puppy" Tresor 170
09 - Digital Princezz "Bez Cukru Vers. 2" Mutter 13
10 - Neil Landstrumm "Cheeseburgers With Beltram" Kick & Clap 01
11 - Paul Johnson "Stop Trippin" Chiwax
12 - Mayday "Freestyle (Bongo Mix)" Pheerce Citi 01
13 - Neil Landstrumm "Cloud Berries" Kick & Clap 01
14 - Nox "Don't Know Why 2" Fun in the Murky 002
15 - Hermans "Dread Baron" Kodiak


Alternate stream and download sources:
Mixcloud (streaming)
Hearthis (streaming)
FitM Server (direct download)
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