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Bleep Radio #291 by Naks [Electro]


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Good day!

This mornings broadcast was a fun one. The chat was scrolling, the warm-up Electro was full of broken beats, the main event (below) was great, and there was a sneak preview of the next record I've got in the works (FitM #2!). Fun stuff that went over very well. The archive only conveys a portion of it all as it doesn't have the warm-up set or FitM002 previews, but I've got to leave something special for those who catch the live stream.

Bleep Radio #291
Recorded Friday July 11th, 2014
Mixed by Naks - https://soundcloud.com/naks

01. Tero - Suodatinjauhatus [Sewer Leak]
02. Rutherford - Experience [Stilleben Records]
03. Orgue Electronique - All Is Well [Crème Organization]
04. Artificial Material - The Television Station [Ersatz Audio]
05. Boris Divider - Deflector [Fundamental Records]
06. Sync 24 - Mario's Mushroom [Cultivated Electronics]
07. Anthony Rother - Simulationszeitalter [Psi49net]
08. Gesloten Cirkel - Submit X [Murder Capital]
09. Mono Junk - Kime [Forbidden Planet]
10. Cybernet Systems - Planet Electro [Battle Trax]
11. Dynarec - All Automatic [Solar One Music]
12. Plant43 - Twilight Sequence [Semantica Records]

Bleep Radio #291 by Naks

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