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Bleep Radio #290 by Trevor Wilkes [Techno, etc.]


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Hello Everyone!

A new week, a new Bleep.

Bleep Radio #290
Recorded Friday July 4th, 2014
Mixed by Trevor Wilkes

01 - Sutekh "Untitled" Force Inc 228
02 - Kink "Summa Technologiae" Macro Records
03 - Donk Boys "Instant Rave" Plak 16
04 - Krikor "Peeping Tom" Karat 09
05 - Stewart Walker "Star Machine" Mosquito 12
06 - Daze Maxim "Aerobic Thrill" Serial Killers Haircut 02
07 - Kink Vs. Romboy "Pump it" Systematic 94-6
08 - CD "Them Back" London Housing Trust 02
09 - Cajmere "Conflict" Cajual 202
10 - Scott Robinson "You're The Victim" Fun in the Murky 01
11 - Raudive "Last" Halo Cyan 15
12 - DBX "I'm Losing Control" Accelerate 102
13 - Earth Nation "Red Engine" Eye Q
14 - Tobias Schmidt "My Friend The Enemy" Bombtrap 10
15 - Neil Landstrumm "Maintaining it" Tresor 170
16 - Neil Landstrumm "Wall" Snork 70
17 - Tirzah "I'm Not Dancing" Greco Roman 26

Bleep Radio #290 by Trevor Wilkes

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